The Cure-Moods For Moderns

York Sunday News
July 28, 1996

DENVER- The Cure's latest incarnation may be fresh and different, but the British band is still trying to shed its "doom and gloom" image.

Group founder Robert Smith started specializing in brooding, frightening melodramatics on stage nearly 20 years ago. A fan's attempted suicide at a Cure concert 10 years ago, which was cheered on by the crowd, added to the group's dark reputation.

Over the years, the Cure evolved from synthpop to pop-jazz to the jaunty, spirited represented by Friday I'm in Love, the band's last hit.

There have been five different Cures - the band has changed with my outlook, Smith said. Unfortunately, we seem to be the only band in the world that's not allowed to be whatever we want. This 'doom and gloom' label is still put on us.

Wild Mood Swings is the band's first studio album since 1992. Jason Cooper makes his debut replacing longtime drummer Boris Williams. Keyboardist Roger O'Donnell remains with bassist Simon Gallup and guitarist Perry Bamonte.

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