Robert Smith on Radio 1

BBC Radio 1

Chris Evans Breakfast Show

April 4, 1996

Transcribed by Bostik

Anything in square brakets [ ] is an explanation by me so people can get a better idea of whats going on if the don't live in the UK

Chris: Now on the phone we got hanging on there, Robert Smith,ehh... Robert if you can hear me... thanks for hanging on. And we've got to talk to Robert, after we hear about Robert from the man from the BBC. Here we go tell us about him

Yes the Cure have sold...hang on one second, here we go... Now the Cure have sold 23 million albums.

At 14 young Robert wore velvet dresses to school and finally got expelled for being a bad influence. He likes walking, Thai cooking and pushing a trolley round Tescos [A supermarket]. He likes a lot of milk, he's played tennis on the rooftop of a Milan hotel and his ambition is to play football for England and go into space. He's obstinate, has a split personality and tells big lies. And the Cure release their 10th studio album WILD MOOD SWINGS in May.

And coming from that album we have the brand new single, in just a moment after we've talked to the guy himself. Live on the phone from his home, from the Cure, Robert Smith, A hero! Good morning Robert!

Good Morning

How are ya?

I'm alright thank you

We've just had three naked girls in our studio

I haven't been listening

Under a duvet playing with vegetables


Would you say that's rock and roll?


(Chris, Robert and Chris' crew start laughing)

The Cure ever take on the same kind of employee?


Fantastic eh...whats it? Is it true your...your a compulsive liar, you tell lies, you like telling lies? can I answer that? You won't know will you?

(Everyone laughs)

So Yes I am

So what was the last great porky [lie] you told?

I...I apparently told someone I was keeping dairy... cows because I drank so much milk


And they believed me.

Was that the NME or Melody Maker?

No it was a Japanese pop show called something like FUNKY TOMATO or something like....normally called something like that.

And were you on this show?


What... in Japan?



Yeah (hehe)

Are you big in Japan?

Umm..(heh)..not really no

Now where have you been 'cos you've been working on a new album...right? Have you just been hanging out and having a good time? Did you... did you... did you get stress in your back like I do and think you'll just relax for a while?

Yeah... I've been... um... sleeping in fact Dr Quinn's bed



Medicine Woman? [TV PROGRAM]


Oh... cool ten past six tommorow ITV but "TFI Friday" [stands for THANK FUCK IT's Friday] on the other side [ "TFI Friday" is an entertainment TV show hosted by Chris (the DJ interviwing Robert)]

I know.... I.... I know, but obviously I can't watch it

'Cos you'll be watching "TFI Friday"

I'll use the video... y'know

Now Noel Gallager [Guitarist from OASIS] is on our show [TFI Friday] tommorow Robert

Yep I heard

Would you like me to ask him a question on your behalf?

I've been racking my brains trying to think of a question, I can't think of one that's.... umm.... any good

Why don't I call you back tonight in my own time, on my own phone. I'll pay for the call (crew laughs) to your house. I'll call you back at about half five tonight for a question for Noel Gallager.

By the time I'm sure I'll have thought of one. I'm a bit Robbie Fowlered out at the moment actually.

Are ya?


hehehe. Robbie was ehh.... What do you think.... what do you think his state of mind was?

Umm... I can actually emphisize pretty much 'cos I feel I've been up all night in the MOATHOUSE as well!

(Laughter from everyone)

But you see the... this is I read from my notes here that actually claim to live a different life to everybody else... you sleep opposite hours to the rest of the world?


Would that... would that me true?

This is a little bit late for me to go to bed though normally I like to be tucked up by about... seven (It's nearly 9 am)

7 'o' clock, so you really do go to bed in the day as if you work nights?


But of your free will?


Do you find yourself waking up about mid-day?

Umm... yee... yes, well the thing is there is a constant battle 'cos see the rest of the band live... kind of normal hours so we pass sort of in the late afternoon/early evening.

But do you find it hard to sleep?

Thats why it takes so long to record 'cos we only sort of see each other for a couple of hours a day

It's not the most convient of ways is it... to get together?


Do you find yourself though... in... your....find it difficult around mid-day to sleep

Umm... Not really 'cos if anyone makes a noise then I... I sack them!

(Everyone laughs)

You sack them?


Oh the power, the power of the lead man in the Cure! (Robert cackles in the background as Chris says this last line) WOW how cool is that?


You're gonna go to bed soon... ehh... you've got your new single out.... It's called the "13th"


The album's on the way


C; Are you gonna come on our show? [Meaning TFI Friday] On the big show?

I'd love to... yeah

When ya gonna come on? What ya gonna do for us?

Anytime you want us to

Ok... well come on in the next eh... were only on for another 3 weeks before we have a little break... then we're back for 6 weeks before the summer. Eh... we want ... eh... we want any song from your album.... it's up to you


And we want an oldie


But I dunno which oldie, I... LOVECATS?

Male Crew Member: INBETWEEN DAYS?



Female Crew Member: 17 seconds

CLOSE TO YOU [I know this is supposed to be CLOSE TO ME but Nobody bothers to correct Chris], CLOSE TO YOU is a beautiful song

Male Crew Member: Good good good goood song... yeah

So how long we like playing for... half an hour ?

Yeah... you can play for half an hour. Yeah. We'll do a Noel Gallager special tonight and I'll get a question off Noel for when you come on


And you can swop celebrity questions

Female Crew Member: Yeah!

Robert: (high pitched) OOOW [A bit like the one at the start of High]

How big a deal is that?! Ok Robert I've gotta go because if I don't go now I can't play your song before I go off the air!


And I know you want me to


Ok Robert have a nice sleep

Thank you very much

Sweet dreams, that's Robert Smith and this is the brand new single from the Cure.

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