Backstage At Glastonbury

Much Music
June 1995

Robert Smith: Uhh we've done three concerts in the last three weeks. It's a really tough schedule. The one three weeks ago was the first one with this new line-up. It's the first time we've been on stage for over a year now.

Abbie Lewis: So you have a new band-new members.

Robert Smith: Yeah, a new drummer and Roger who played keyboards on Disintegration has come back. So we're a five piece again.

Abbie Lewis: So, I understand you have some good news for people who have missed new music from the cure for the last couple of years.

Robert Smith: Yeah, well we've been making a new record for about six months. But we've also been kind of living and the two don't always go hand in hand. Uhh it's ready, everything's ready but I just can't get the vocals right...same old story. But Umm, it'll be ready soonlike it'll be finished within a month of this summer. I don't know if they'll release it this side of Christmas though because record companies have funny marketing strategies. It doesn't make a difference but they like to pretend it does so probably the other side of Christmas.

Abbie Lewis: You must have enjoyed living for a bit.

Robert Smith: Yeah it's been great particularly with Jason, the new drummer, because he's never done anything like this before so everything's new and fresh...that's the reason why we're doing the festivals is because when we go back, I would really like to re-record some of the songs because I think we're playing better now as a band. Because we actually auditioned seven drummers and we've had seven drummers play on the record but Jason sort of emerged as the only real Cure drummer.

Abbie Lewis: Did taking some time off recharge you creatively-was that the idea.

Robert Smith: Yeah well it's never been any different...that's why I think the gaps between the albums get longer because there's more for me to do, just not in the public eye. Because my nephews and nieces are growing up and I like being around when they're growing up. So really it's in some ways, to an outsider, kind of dull because it's un-creative but I mean for me it's just what I call living and I think without that, the albums would suffer. So it's only in the last eighteen months that I kind of start to miss the Cure as a band and that's when I go and put them together.. but now it's really good...that's why I prefer to tour because I can't [unintelligible] I've been skiing, I've been scuba-diving...I mean you couldn't believe it to look at me but...

Abbie Lewis: Can you give us a little tease or some sense of what this new album will sound like.

Robert Smith: It started off as being a particular idea...we were was gonna be all kind of acoustic and very sort of up was called Bare, originally, and that kind of gave you an was like live takes and..but as we've been living in this big old house together, we've been doing a lot of experimenting and it's actually turned into a very weird album. We're up to twenty-five songs now so it might even be a double album at the way we're going..if I can get the words done and the singing done..the trouble is they keep getting ahead of me and they keep writing songs and I haven't finished the words to the last one...[fade out giggling]

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