In the toilet with...Robert Smith

from a bootleg record

Welcome to another edition of In The Toilet With...And this morning I'm in the toilet with Robert Smith from The Cure. Now you won the award for your video, Lullaby, the one where you're a spider?


Were you pleased to get an award for a video, I mean, wouldn't you have preferred to get one for one of your tunes as opposed to a video which is basically something that somebody else did?

I must admit I haven't said it so far...I think it's a bit of a "sapp" that New Order won the award 2 years ago and I think it's dragging people in not to give a certain amount of credibility to the awards. But I don't mind, it's good for Tim Pope. It doesn't really make much difference to us.

Who's Tim Pope?

Tim Pope's been directing our videos for the past 5 or 6 years. He does The The and Neil Young. He's very selective about who he does. I think it's good for him to be able to do who he wants and to be recognized rather it is for us. I really would have liked us to have been nominated for Best Group though I don't think it will ever happen. I must admit, I do think we were better than the Tears For Fears...always have been. (laughs)

When you say it's a "sapp" what do you mean?

Well, it's a bit strong's only because we're standing in the you're making me feel morose! um, no, I mean it was nice to be nominated but in a strange way I would have preferred not to have won because it would have been true to form and I have had side bets with everyone else in the band that we wouldn't win so it's costing me a fortune 'cause I was so certain that we wouldn't! (laughs) No, its' nice to get any award really, but they come so few and far between..they're almost absurd. The last time we went on stage to get an award was in Brazil about 4 years ago; which was, I don't know what that was for--I didn't understand the category but we won anyway! (laughs) No, but "sopp's" a too strong word but I think we've probably been included and that's the category that we were able to be included in, I suppose is what I meant...

I was just going to say you have set such alot of star(?) by your videos because they are particularly we known for being a bit different aren't they?

Well, we've tried to make the videos interesting of themselves, rather than using them just to sell the single. And I think that's been the difference between us and alot of other people. So, yeah, I mean..but the video's have contributed, I suppose, to breaking down certain barriers, in fact, some of the barriers that have held us back from ever being nominated in this particular award ceremony so they've served a purpose and they've been entertaining along the way, but they're not really at the core of what The Cure is or what The Cure does--they're just like a kind of amusing, peripheral thing that we do every few months. We get together with Tim Pope, get very drunk, and come up with a stupid idea and do a's um...No, I sound really negative! No, I'm very pleased to have won the award. See-you should have one of the others up here! They would love to be...Roger would be like: "Yeah, it's great, great!! It's the best thing in the world!!" and I'm just naturally reluctant to get too excited about things like this.

Robert Smith-Thank you for being in the toilet with me.

Thank you very much. Um...I actually...would like to go for a piss now. (laughs)

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