The Cure - January 1996

January 1996

Yesterday, MTV showed an interview with Robert Smith talking about 6 trax that will be on Wild Mood Swings:

Want - It's kind like a sister song to a song we did a few years ago, called Never Enough. It has the same emotion. There are some things that I ask for in the song that is not really me

Jupiter Crash - Do you remember that collision of a comet with Jupiter 2 or 3 years ago? 1993, I think. Everyone was expecting something really big to happen, but no one was quite sure about it. That always happen with comets. It's very deep in the human nature, to see somthing in the sky and want it to be really big and important

This Is A Lie - That is a song that is not really my point of view. I don't agree with that. It's partly the idea people get when things go wrong with their lifes. It's very convenient to blame someone else, usually someone who's close

Club America - This is also not me, really, although it's based on something that happened to me. I wanted to come across as something a bit more monstruous than I actually am. So I sing it as I was dead cool, which I am not

The Two Chord Cool - That's Jason. He was determined to play cuica and record something. It's a really funny instrument to play. It did make us laugh (for those who don't know: cuica is an instrument who looks like a drum with a stick on the middle. It sounds like a fart)

Mint Car - Probably the happiest song. There's no remain of sadness in it. It was written last summer. That's how I felt last summer and how I feel again this summer

According to what they said, Mint Car will be the first single and its video will include some scenes that were shot in Brazil.

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