I'd Like To Be Sponsored By NASA

Select Magazine
May 1996

Robert Smith on space travel, the new LP and The Cure's West Country jungle direction

Was making the album a right old laugh?

"We made it in Jane Seymour's house, which is rambling Tudor country house, just like Blur sing about. We wrote and recorded it over a year, with us bringing in a recording set-up and all living in the house. It's confusing to remember when it was actually recorded. We set out to make an acoustic album. It didn't work out like that. We ended up with an album that isn't that quiet and features an Indian string quartet and a Colombian brass band . . . No, I don't live in a big house in country. I have a nice two-bedroom holiday home that I never see . . ."

You're often depicted as a terminal adolescent. Do you think you'll ever be accused of making a mature album?

"I find that idea of maturity false. I think this album has some depth, lyrically, but I think there are certain things that concern you in adolescence that will always concern you. If maturity is thinking about what colour your next car is going to be, then, no, we never will be mature. "The album has quite a range of moods, from 'Mint Car' and 'Gone', which are quite wild and upbeat, to 'Bare', which ends the album on a pretty melancholy note."

You were notorious for your trainers at one point. Did you ever consider creating a 'Bob Smith' range of plimsolls?

" Nah, we've never been keen on sponsorship. Though, we did once have a meeting with Guinness. The meeting went on, much of their product was drunk and we ended up agreeing a deal. But in the morning we changed our mind. The only people I'd really like to be sponsored by is NASA."

Bought any jungle records lately?

"We ended up doing a jungle track during recording this album, with me doing a West Country patois. We won't even play it to friends. I'm not too big on jungle. When we were recording the album I was mainly listening to the Supergrass album and the new Radiohead album."

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