David Bowie: Three Pop Pals Pay Tribute (an excerpt)

New Musical Express
February 1, 1997
Reproduced without permission

ROBERT SMITH, The Cure. Guest performer at Bowie's 50th birthday bash.

"You didn't get a choice of duet, which was annoying. David rang up and said, 'What song would you like to do?' so I Started reeling off all these songs like Drive In Saturday, Young Americans. Then he said 'How about Quicksand?" and I thought, 'You bastard!' Then I noticed in rehearsal that I was singing the wrong song I'd learned the lyrics phonetically because you never used to get lyric sheets with Bowie vinyl albums so I'd be singing along and David would say, 'That's a very interesting version but it's not right."

"The first album I ever bought was Ziggy Stardust..., and from about 1970 to '75 David represented everything great about pop music We've met before, about two years ago, we kind of interviewed each other on a radio station and I was a bit drunk and abusive. After that I realised we were completely different. Most of the things I've got, he hasn't. I mean I know people I went to school with, I've got a family I've got a comparatively stable existence, I still live in the same county where I grew up and I like being at home. That's a huge difference. We do have something in common as artists, because I've always just done what I want to do, and in that sense he's been one of my main inspirations. He doesn't seem 50. He seems about 15 and 100 it the same time, if he's anything like me about what he does. He gave up drinking a long time ago -- that's the biggest difference."

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