Interview with Robert

Rock N Folk
December 1997
translated from french by ENAULT philippe
reprinted without permission

Q ) Why does this record call Galore ?

A) In my house i have many pieces of paper where are written words or pieces of sentences, which should be good titles. The word Galore means abundance and I think that is a good title.

Q) Why do you compile the singles rather than doing your own choice of titles ?

A) The last record which would be released under the name of THe Cure, will be a best of that I have myself prepared.Before then no. For my part, Galore is the following of Standing On A Beach. It s only a mere singles collection, which celebrates ten years of music, and which marks the beginning of a new Cure s area. In any case the Greatest HIts that I have in my mind will be mainly compose of dark songs. It will be destinate only for the pure Cure s fans, even if i know that the record company would prefer a compilation made of old songs, which are easy to sell. It s more and more difficult for me to impose my point of views.

Q) really ?

A) I suspect them to want the end of the band, because we do not sell as much records as it was planned . They want before evreythinf to earn many money. I can understand them. Moreover they are frustrated because they can not released any best of without my assent.

Q) After all this time in the show business you must know all their tricks ?

A) Iam older than most people in this company. At the beginning of the Cure, it was possible for us to be linked with people from the record company, but now every week there is a new manager and they have no idea of what loyalty means.

Q) What do you think of this second decade of the Cure ?

A) there is less evolution .For instance about my voice, ihave really found it when i was 30. And I do not like to lean over my past.

Q)Next year its the twentieth birthday of THe CUre. Are you going to do something special?

A: I had vaguely thought of touring with the original line up.

Q) With LOL ?

A) no, or with a dummy, which looks like him. Its hard for me to think of colloborate with him.Anyway i am not sure that it is a great idea to celebrate the 20 years old of the band.We will see....

Q) At the beginning, how did you imagine your future ?

A) I had any plans of carreers. I remind that i thought many times that it was our last record.A bove all during the recording of PORNOGRAPHY. It would have been easy for us to disappear after this record. We did not have a lot of success and i had the feeling that Ihad said everything. After the release of our first lp that we had released in 5 days, I said : This is alredy finished, i had now to find a real job. Then we earn enough money to make another one.It is only after SEVENTEEN SECONDS that i really began to appreciate music. THe only plan that i had for a long period was in 1987, when we had to sign up all our contracts again. So i decided to stop in 1999, when i will be 40 and truly i wonder if i am able to care about it. I have more and more the feeling that i act. But i want to finish this lp and then it will be the end of our contract and i will be allowed to think to something else.....

Q) do you have any idea ?

A) I know that iliked writting soundtracks, so I could hide myself behind the music.I will not be obliged to play an act.

Q) Is it hard for you to see fans dressed or made up like you?

A) iots more and more difficult.Recently Italian fans came in front of my house..I was ill at ease. When i had to go to london , i had to give them an appointmentin a pub, because i did not want that they disturbe Mary.

Q) People said that when you made MIXED UP, you had to rerecord A FOREST ,because Chris Parry have destroyed the master ?

A) He put the SEVENTEEN SECONDS tracks near of his washing machine, and the motor destroyed them. The worst is that there are two or three unreleased songs of this area, which have been destroyed too..

Q) And from PORNOGRAPHY or FAITH are there scraps left ?

A) There are 2 songs of PORNOGRAPHY and 2 from FAITH, and they are good,even if they did not correspound to the album. Next year i will release a Bside compilation with rarities, so i am listening every archives. I am afraid that it was a 3 CD. I have found surrealistic conversations in studio while we made PORNOGRAPHY .these are nonsense things.

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