The Cure Announce Drastic Image Overhaul!

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Cure frontman Robert 'Bobby' Smith has stunned the world of Rock'n'pop
with a new look to promote their new album, 'Frankenstein must be
  "I've had enough of being perceived as a doomy goth casualty," said
Smith, through a mouthful of scary spiders. "The Cure is much more than
that. We're five individuals, with out own opinions and personalities.
The band are free to dress in any way I tell them to. Hence the new look
(see 'Before' and 'After' pics) [babble note, piccys are identical Wish
era photo, but with no Simon and Boris not wearing any shades (!?)]
  "It's a carefree look," says Smith, fighting against the bizarre
Medical condition that forces him to wave his hands in front of his face
as if he is trying to ward off an attack of midges. "It's a natural
look. It says 'Hey, we're the Cure!' because we are. The Cure that is."
   The new image includes baggy old man's jumpers, trainers like 
calipers and smudged lipstick, with birds-nest-built-by-a-bird-after-
sniffing-glue hair. In a crazy break with tradition, the hair colour,
according to Smith, is, "very, very dark brown. So dark one could almost
say it's black. In fact, it does look black, but it's not. It's very...
very... very... dark... dark brown. Almost blacky brown. Or browny 
   Smith says he is ready for criticism from fans for the dramatic 
change. "Yes, it's going to be a shock for some people, I've already had
some letters from fans saying, "Why are you using slightly less blue 
eyeshadow? It's just not the same." But I reply by saying that things 
move on, people change, and if I want to use eyeshadow that's very, very
... very slightly less blue, then that's my prerogative as a genius and
   "We're virtually a totally new band!" screamed Smith, pulling at his
hair. "We're unrecognizable! When we appeared on Top of the pops they
had to have an on screen sigh saying The Cure because people thought we
were a new thing!"
    Bizarrely, Smith then opened the window and shouted "Hello, Hello!"
at passers by before turning to the reporter and saying: "You see? 
They're all ignoring me! They don't know who I am any more! One even 
stuck two fingers up at me- he obviously though I was a complete
nobody! ha ha... erm."
   The Cure's new single, "Maggoty Girl in a Cupboard", is available
next week, wrapped in cobwebs.

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