Love In The Asylum

Date: Tue, 21 Mar 1995
From: charlotte sometimes (

Well, as I just got done raving to erin and aimee about, I do believe I have discovered yet another Cure lyric related poem. An apology to veteran babbles who I'm sure have seen this a thousand times before, as well as those of you who haven't heard the studio demo of Birdmad Girl. I was reading a book of Dylan Thomas' poems last night when I came across one called "Love in the Asylum," and since the title was so intruiguing, I absolutely had to read it. I recognized the first line immediatley, but since i could never quite make out the lyrics to the studio demo of the song, I though maybe he'd just borrowed that and made up the rest. But the words to the poem match what he says exactly. He just repeats them about three times. Here it is, from page 169 of The Poems of Dylan Thomas:

Love In The Asylum
A stranger has come
To share my room in the house not right in the head,
A girl mad as birds

Bolting the night of the door with her arm her plume.
Strait in the mazed bed
She deludes the heaven-proof house with entering clouds

Yet she deludes with walking the nightmarish room,
At large as the dead,
Or rides the imagined oceans of the male wards.

She has come possessed
Who admits the delusive light through the bouncing wall,
Possessed by the skies

She sleeps in the narrow trough yet she walks the dust
Yet raves at her will
On the madhouse boards worn thin by my walking tears.

And taken by light in her arms at long and dear last
I may without fail
Suffer the first vision that set fire to the stars.

He has said before that he admires Dylan Thomas. Now we have proof.


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