Lost Wishes

It started because Porl had written an excellent weird thing, very stirring, with bagpipes and harmonium which he really wanted to do but it didn't fit any of the lyircs I'd been writing. Simon had a piece too which is nominally called Off To Sleep, a nursery rhyme kind of sound, very gentle and sweet but if I tried to sing over it, it would get very morose. So we hit on the idea of a separate album of purely instrumental things...the fifth one sounded like a Cure backing track without me singing. That seemed a bit pointless so we shelved it for the moment but we'll probably get back to it. (robert)
"Lost Wishes" is a limited edition cassette release from Fiction in the UK, containing four previously unreleased instrumental tracks from which were recorded during the Wish sessions in 1991.

"Lost Wishes" is available only through the Fiction office in London, and they may have run out of copies by now. If you want to try to order it, send your name, address, and phone number to Lost Wishes, Fiction Records, 97 Charlotte Street, London, W1P 1LB, England. You can order a maximum of two cassettes. The cost per cassette is L4 if you live in the EEC, or L5.50 if you live outside the EEC. You must send a cheque or money order in POUNDS STERLING ONLY (do NOT send cash or foreign currency). Cheques and money orders should be made payable to Lost Wishes. All profits from the sale of this cassette will be donated to the Portsmouth Down's Syndrome Trust.

From the Cure Faq

CTS  UK   FICCS 50  (available only from the Fiction office in London)

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