Unplugged and More

Catalog Number: CDLC001
Date: Feb, 1991; May 7, 1981
Venue: MTV Unplugged, Werchter Rock Festival, Belgium
Length: 1 Hr 12 minutes
Medium: Compact Disc
Source: Soundboard/FM
Album: Faith
  • Let's Go to Bed
  • Just Like Heaven
  • The Caterpillar
  • The Blood
  • Boys Don't Cry
  • The Walk
  • If Only Tonight We Could Sleep (partial)
  • The Holy Hour
  • In Your House
  • The Drowning Man
  • 10:15 Saturday Night
  • Accuracy
  • The Funeral Party
  • M
  • Primary
  • Other Voices
  • All Cats Are Grey
  • Fire in Cairo
  • Play for Today












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So far the BEST SOUNDING Unplugged yet (no static during Boys Don't Cry and the Walk, like with the Acoustic Daze boot and others).

Definitely a great boot to have.

Submitted By: Jason ([email protected])

This is a must have! Although the sound isn't always mint, it's the best sounding Unplugged Version out there. I especially dig my favorite song Boys Don't Cry and the kazoos in The Walk are classic. Buy it if you find it!

Submitted by:(Aaron Zielinski)

Well this was a good bootleg. But the MTV unplugged was cut very much, they played more than six songs one of which being a letter to elise (On the Video Play Out). The Belgium concert rules. Over all a good disc, buy it if you see it.

Submitted by:(J Sharon)

I absolutely love this bootleg. It's a nice crisp recording of Unplugged...and, despite the fumbles in The Drowning Man, the Belgium show is absolutely GREAT. There's a nice little drum solo in the middle of Primary that's pretty interesting...

Submitted by: (LaMent18)

Unplugged stuff is good to have on CD but no more than if you'd taped it yourself off TV. The Belgian concert is where this disc really shines. This is the famous concert where Simon railed against the establishment with: Fuck Robert Palmer, Fuck Rock n Roll. Unfortunately the version of A Forest which included that quote is not here. The rest of the set is great though. The Holy Hour brought me back to the late '97 radio festival in Seattle where I saw them perform it finally. In Your House, M and Play for Today sound different without the keyboard parts, but Robert tries to make a little more noise with his guitar to compensate. It is a very intense show but without the colicky, simmering anger present on the M bootleg recorded less than a year later. Accuracy is a nice surprise as is Fire in Cairo, probably the last time they were played as part of a regular set list. As someone else above mentioned, Primary has a drum break in the middle: it's kindof lame though, Robert and Simon just stop playing and Lol does the SAME beat for about a minute and then Robert kind of just starts them off again. At least it's a different version albeit not one that adds a new dynamic to it. Get this disc just for the Belgium stuff.. By the way, it really annoys me that Robert announces The Blood as from the Top album. It's just such a hideous mistake, I just thought I'd throw that in.

Submitted by: (Greg Williams)

Neither show is complete, but both are essential. Both radio broadcast, but the Werchter show is a bit old so it's quality has decreased. On the other hand, it's a very slight decrease in quality. Trust me, i'm picky about sound quality. What better way to understand the intensity of the Picture Show tour than to experience it on this recording? There are some real rareties here. Buy it!!

Submitted by: (Mark O)

If you listen carefully that break in primary takes place when Robert breaks a string. You can hear a pop when the cord is plugged back in. It doesn't get any more live than that!

Submitted by: (Just Like Kevin)

One of the highest quality bootlegs out. and best of all...it has a green back!!! (or at least my copy does). A superb recording of unplugged, but it could've used a letter to elise...the live concert in Belgium dates to 81...the prime faith period. A faster version of fire in cairo and an extended primary (because robert breaks a string???) highlights are the walk (with kazoos), m, and 10:15. Lowlights are just like heaven, the funeral party, and the blood (rob messes up a lot). Over all, an excellent disc...buy it if you can find it. It's hard to find out this way....

Submitted by: (Nothing)

The unplugged show is pretty good, but a few songs were left off, like A Letter to Elise, which is on the Play Out video. The recording is better than other unplugged recordings, but the hilight is the second half of the disc. What an awesome '81 show. All Cats are Grey is excellent, and so are The Holy Hour and The Funeral Party. Lol fumbles a bit on The Drowning Man and has a little drum solo on Primary. Accuracy and Fire in Cairo is a suprise. It's a bit weird to hear In Your House and Play for Today without the keyboards though. But an excellent disc, if you see it, buy it!

Submitted by: (WILSON)

Not a bad bootleg. The Unplugged songs are really good. Just Like Heaven is excellent and I love the version of The Walk. The rest of the cd is a radio broadcast from 1981. Its good. I paid like $24 for this one and I think it was worth it.

Submitted by: (Jeff Tomczak)

i burst out laughing when i heard the kazoos on the walk. i could just picture porl sitting there on a red velvet pillow wearing some cotton shirt with a paisley design, candles and blue lighting surrounding him, playing the kazoo! :D hehehe!

i enjoyed the tracks they played from unplugged, i but i was expecting there to be more than six .. i was hoping a letter to elise and the big hand would be on there..

the tracks from the belgium show are awesome! so many obscure songs on one cd! i think that m is my favorite of all of those! overall, i think this cd was a good buy..

Submitted by: (vanessa)

Great boot, if just for the Belgian show. Great sounding boot (Amazingly, the Belgian show is of better quality than there Unplugged session).

Well worth the money it costs for this piece of ear candy.

Submitted by: (Sethy)

I love this! I'm just getting into the bootleg thing and I was quite disappointed with my first, but this is great! There are some great pictures and the track list is awesome. I'd probably buy anything with All Cats Are Grey anyways. Hmmmm, if I only I could find a live version of Birdmad Girl

Submitted by: (Meredith)

I have an incredible amount of time of the raio show recording on this the sound quality is superb and the rendition of M in particular is astounding! If anyone has any similar quality bootlegs let me know

Submitted by: (martin kettle)

very coo' the live was good unplugged ok but kind of goofy. its a wierd mixed cd happy bouncy songs with a live show that just makes you want to cry and die and fry while you tie a lie into a trippyless high. i likes cuzz its got most songs from faith except the tiltle track i wanted to here him cry as he walked off the stage like many other shows. cry robbie cry dont lie in the stie. so go buy and i wont deny yo' pleasures

Submitted by: (jeff)

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