Strawberry Kisses

Label: Kiss The Stone
Catalog Number: KTS 548
Date: May 7 & December 1995
Length: 69:56
Medium: Compact Disc
Source: Soundboard

Album: Wild Mood Swings
  • Want
  • Club America
  • This is a Lie
  • Mint Car
  • Jupiter Clash
  • Round and Round and Round
  • Return
  • Trap
  • Treasure
  • Bare
  • Friday Im in Love
  • Mint Car
  • Just Like Heaven
  • Club America
  • This is a lie
  • Gone!












If you are familiar with this bootleg, please rate it for others that might not be familiar with it (10 is the best). To view all of the albums in order of fan ranking, check out the ranked bootleg list.

The first 10 songs are not excellently recorded, but they are quite nice. 11 through 13 were recorded in Dec 95, much better. But the best for last! Club America, This is a Lie and Gone (recorded in London, may 96) are exceptionally good. I actually bought the cd just for these. Gone is unbelievable!

Submitted by: (Claudio Carneiro)

This is an amazing disc! The sound is crisp and clear, no complaints here! sorry didn't mean to rhyme, but it's the best thing i've heard bootleg wise in a long time. This is three different performances. Tracks 1-10 are from the Adrenaline Club show, May 7th 1996. Tracks 11-13 are from Mtv's Most Wanted, Dec. 1995. Tracks 14-16 are from a venue i'm not familiar with, it wasn't listed and i wasn't aware that it was played, the date is May 11th, 1996. If anyone knows anything, please add to this! Track 14, Club America has a fuzzy, distorted bass, sounds fabulous! Track 15, This Is A Lie, features real strings!, and Track 16, Gone!, features real horns!!! A real treat for all you fans. Get it!!!

Note: May 11 was the Saturday Night Live performance, those songs are from somewhere else though. - bob

Submitted by: (Tim D.)

Having seen the Wild Mood Swings tour four times in my area, I have to say that this bootleg offers a different sound to the tour, the small venue sound. The drum intro in Want is excellent, although the keyboard intro would have been nice to hear from the very beginning. You can actually understand what Robert says in between songs, unlike large arena bootlegs.

By the way, are there ANY live performances out there with The 13th included?

Submitted by: (Scott K.)

The tracks 14-16 are from the program Later.. with Jools Holland a music programme in the UK. Excellent versions of these songs esp the backing singers on Gone!

Submitted by: (Douglas Birrell)

Don't waste you time... The exact same boot as Don't forget the Stars..(Trust me I have them both). Not at all inspiring sounds, like listening to wms.

Submitted by: (bobby)

This is the Best boot from the Adrenaline shows.

Buy this because the sound is the best, they don't edit the word "fuck" from the songs, like on the Flood label's Killer Cure. On Killer Cure they do have The Lovecats, (from the tokyo show in '84),that is why I bought it. Strawberry Kisses sounds better than Slashed Live With Lipstick. But, Live w/lipstick has the 13th. Buy Strawberry Kisses. I enjoyed the backup singer on Gone a whole bunch, it was a good twist on the song.

Submitted by: (John)

Hey. I Just got this bootleg and it RULES! Well worth the money! The sound is so nice and Clear. Very Professional. The Cover art is spectacular too. Great inside Pics of Robert Playing guitar and singing. Oh, And for a couple of those people above who reviewed this should, you have nothing to complain about. They complain about the track list being about 95% from Wild mood swings, but you gotta ask yourself, if they dont like the songs on it, Why the hell did they buy it? Personally I think the songs are Great! And this is a Must get CD! Smiths voice is so clear with the music, its just very cool to finally get a nothing but Quality all around Bootleg. If you have any Questions at all about it E-Mail me and ill tell you what you want to know. Enjoy it! Later, Matt

Submitted by: (Matt)

A very, very good boot. An excellent and very professional package, with beautiful artwork. This is probably the best of the Adrenaline Club bootlegs; the sound is very crisp and clear, but its a little dead on center, almost like its a mono recording. But its the last three tracks that shine! Club America is utterly awesome, with a distortd fuzz bass, this is a lie has real strings, and Gone! has real brasses with a very enjoyable backup female singer. Well worth the money (for me at least, I got it used!).

Submitted by: WILSON

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