Stained Glass Smile

Label: Love Cat Music
Catalog Number: LCM001
Date: 1986 - 1987 - see comments
Venue: Misc
Medium: Compact Disc
Source: Soundboard
Album: Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me, Standing On A Beach
  • The Baby Screams
  • Primary
  • Inbetween Days
  • Close to Me
  • Let's Go to Bed
  • The Walk
  • Charlotte Sometimes
  • Boys Don't Cry
  • A Strange Day
  • A Night Like This
  • A Forest
  • Charlotte Sometimes
  • Torture
  • A Japanese Dream
  • Catch
  • Inbetween Days
  • The Perfect Girl
  • The Snakepit
  • Why Can't I Be You?












If you are familiar with this bootleg, please rate it for others that might not be familiar with it (10 is the best). To view all of the albums in order of fan ranking, check out the ranked bootleg list.

In a nice attempt to entice the buyer into purchasing this boot, a paragraph on the back reads: "This CD contains professionally recorded and mixed live tracks short listed for a proposed live album follow-up to the Concert album. The project was never completed and rejected in favour of the The Cure - In Orange release."

Well, it's partially true. The tracks were all professionally recorded and mixed. Each of the 19 tracks are of excellent soundboard quality and their source is various radio shows and radio broadcasts. The "follow-up" idea, however, is false. The CD includes a portion of a December '87 radio show, and considering In Orange was recorded in August of 1986 and released BEFORE December 1987 - there is no way this compilation of tracks could be a follow-up in favor of In Orange. Silly bootleggers. :)

The '87 tracks, with the exception of Inbetween Days and Why Can't I Be You, have appeared on several bootlegs (Difficult to Cure, the Walk and Torture - to name a few). This was an '87 vinyl radio show. [By the way, if any of you find the Difficult To Cure CD - pick it up. It's the best sounding of this radio show - unbelievable]. There are some exceptional versions here, with the highlight being Snakepit. The album version can't hold a candle to this version - amazing.

As with most bootlegs, they are not always perfect. There is a split second loss of sound during the Baby Screams, and there is some static on The Snakepit, but otherwise primo.

Overall, a definite must-have soundboard quality recording. Let's see more from this Love Cat Music label. :)

Submitted By: Jason

Rating: 10 - Excellent!!
Additional Comments:
This boot is mint! Even though there are very minor sound problems in The Baby Screams it can't escape my CD player. If you find it, buy it...or e-mail me and we can trade!

Submitted by: (Aaron Zielinski)

Picked this up recently still sealed at a record show. It's a great boot but I would rather have the original transcription discs. Tracks 1-8 are from Camden Palace, London 19 NOV 85; 9-12 are from the Royal Albert Hall, London 25 APR 86; and 13-19 are from the NEC in Birmingham on 6 DEC 87. Highly recommended for a sampling of some great radio broadcasts. If anyone has the transcription of these entire shows please contact me or point me to where I may find them.

Submitted by: (seandark)

I already have "Torture", and a couple of the songs here are the same, as noted above. There is some serious feedback during "Charlotte Sometimes".

There are 2 versions of both that song and "Inbetween Days". The last track, "Why Can't I Be You?" just kind of fades out at the end, which I don't like. The versions of both "The Snakepit" and "A Forest" are great, but at the biginning of "Snakepit" there is some edited dialog, eg:he starts talking about one song and ends up talking about what i believe is another and then "Snakepit" comes on, a completely different song to what he is referring to in the first 2 pieces of edited conversation, which is maddening.

I could be wrong however, that is just the impression I got. Anyway, I gave this one a 5 because of continuity problems. The sound quality (except as noted earlier)is excellent, however. Submitted by: (Sheridan)

I gave this CD an '8' rating. The sound is very good, but there are duplicate versions of Inbetween Days and Charlotte Sometimes on it and also the sound fades out before the end of the song on both the first version of Charlotte Sometimes and Why Can't I Be You. For me the positives were Baby Screams, Japanese Dream, Perfect Girl, and The Snakepit. You just don't see those songs on too many CD's. There are a few flaws but I'd recommend this CD to anyone.

Submitted by: (Kurt)

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