Slashed with Lipstick

Label: Spiderhead Records
Catalog Number: SPRCD96
Date: Various 1996
Venue: Various
Length: 77:39
Medium: Compact Disc
Source: Soundboard
Album: Wild Mood Swings
  • Want
  • Club America
  • This is A Lie
  • Mint Car
  • Jupiter Crash
  • Round and Round and Round
  • Return
  • Trap
  • Treasure
  • Bare
  • Club America
  • This Is A Lie
  • Gone!
  • Friday I'm In Love
  • The 13th
  • Just Like Heaven
  • Mint Car
  • Friday I'm In Love












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tracks 1-10 May 7, 1996; tracks 11-13 30th of April, 1996; tracks 14-15 26th of April, 1996; tracks 16-18 15th of December, 1995

tracks 1-10 The Adrenaline Village, London; tracks 11-13 Later Studios, London; tracks 14-15 T.F.I.F Studios, London; tracks 16-18 MTV Studios, London

When you see this, you'll grab for it, grin, and scurry on home. I don't think anyone could pass it up. The cover is lovely; it's the picture (taken from Vox), in which, Robert is pulling his lip off to the side...

You won't be disappointed. It opens with Want...and will make you remember how you went down reeling with shivers and tingles at that (those) amazing SWING tour show(s)...

(hhmmm... there is some background noise, but nothing disturbing...)

please fulfill your vacant dreams and soothe yourself... Treasure (alone) is worth everything in the world....

Some additional comments on the songs:

Submitted By: Rayna Khaitan

This one has tracks from four different gigs but they all have one thing in common: the venue is London. Tracks 1-10 were taken from the live show aired exclusively by MTV Europe. Tracks 11-13 are recorded at Later Studios. Next two tracks takes place at the T.F.I.F -show. The rest was performed at the very last show of MTV's Most Wanted, hosted by Ray Cokes. As it happens, Ray played as a guest guitarist on Friday I'm in Love and Robert changed a bit of lyrics to match the occasion. Brings back fond memories...

The quality of sound varies a bit but overall it's pretty good (last three are almost faultless). The performances are of top quality as one could expect from The Cure. The pictures adoring the sleeve are the same ones Vox-magazine used in their June 1996 issue. All in all, if you love the stuff on WMS, you could do a lot worse than hunt down this bootleg. But why do they come up with so lame bootleg titles like this one has?

Submitted by: (Jukka Piira)

The cover has a close-up of Robert's face as does the disc itself and inside are some of him in a blue flannel. Nice packaging and good sound. The performances of the songs clearly shows that they haven't played these songs more than a few times!

Submitted by: (eric jacobsen)

The second incarnation of this is a lie on this boot is done with a live string section. They miss a few notes here and there and on occasions it's a bit staccato, but very worth it, as you can consider this the live version of the ambient mix.

Gone! features a back up singer that often sings louder than robert. I think he tries to overpower her a few times, but fails miserably if he does. It's sort of baptist-church-ish i love it...

Submitted by:(james)

Pretty decent sounding cd. The Adrenaline show does not have the best sound but it's still definitely listenable and enjoyable. But get it if you don't have the live versions of Gone and the 13th. I was hooked on Gone after hearing this one.

Submitted by: (Cary)

This is the best boot from any of the Adrenaline Club boots. The sound quality is great. What makes it even better is the addition of some other live songs. The MTV songs, Just Like Heaven, Mint Car and Friday I'm In Love are excellent. This boot is really good. If you you can find it, but it!

Submitted by: (Jeff Tomczak)

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