Serious Medication

Label: Relapse Records
Catalog Number: REL04
Length: 72:24
Medium: Compact Disc
Source: Soundboard

Album: Misc
  • Dredd Song (from the Judge Dredd soundtrack)
  • Jupiter Crash
  • Mint Car (It is written "Mink Palm") (Glastonbury 1995)
  • In Your House
  • Lament (Werchter, Belgium 1990)
  • Big Hand (town and country 1991)
  • 1,2,3,4 (town and country 1991)
  • Letter To Elise (town and country 1991)
  • Wendy Time (town and country 1991)
  • World War (1979 demo)
  • Do The Hansa (1979 demo)
  • Subway Song (Demo)
  • Plastic Passion (Demo)
  • Wailing Wall (Demo)
  • Shake Dog Shake (Demo)
  • Figurehead (Demo)
  • Inbetween Days (Demo)












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This is a great bootleg. Anyone want to make a trade??

Submitted by:(Ryan Wellman)

This boot is a must if any of you haven't heard World War. I frankly can't understand why Robert doesn't like the song! As far as the rest, Subway Song is truly remarkable...Plastic Passion is pretty cool, Wailing Wall, Robert mumbles away words that you can't understand!....Figurehead excellent demo.

Submitted by:(Lane Bickerstaff)

This happens to be one of my most favorite bootlegs. Very well put together with an eclectic mix of tunes. Pretty good sound quality. Great demo's-- plastic passion, figurehead. World War and Big Hand-- wonderful. Do the Hansa--Way Cool! A wonderful photo of Robert on the back cover. A must have for the Cure fanatic!!!!!

Submitted by: (Lori Reinberger)

An interesting mix of both old and new songs. The "Mink Palm" version of Mint Car (Glastonbury '95), before Robbie learned the lyrics is great. The demos of World War and Do The Hansa are a must have for any true fan. This boot also contains my favorite version of Lament (Werchter, Belgium '90). It's a touching performance of a brilliant song.

Submitted by: (The Stone White Clown)

I really like this bootleg... It's sound quality is good except on A letter to Elise and Wendy time...But they aren`t hard to get anyway, so I recommend you to buy this one!

Submitted by: (Fredrik Wallin)

This is a beautiful bootleg! I especially like Do the Hansa (makes me happy!) Big Hand and In your house. Itīs funny though, how songs like Mint Car has turn into "Mink Palm", or how Cut has become "1,2,3,4"!! The lovely cover deserves a 10 point bonus!

Submitted by:(Cecilia Aurore)

A nice 90s bootleg (read: a best-of from previously available boots...)

Lament is ghastly compared to the widely available 1990 Glastonbury version ; it's a terrible recording.

Aside from that let-down, there are some advantages to getting this disc, namely the cutting and pasting of the pre-Wish and pre-WMS live tracks you'd otherwise have to buy along with bland sets like those on the T & C/Secret Gig boots. Dredd Song is alright... it would have been nice to stick Burn on this as well, 'cos they're basically the same song :)

All the demos are fishy...The TIB ones are slowed down slightly, and The Top cuts are exised from The Top Studio Demos. This thing plays like a mixed tape, which is fine, but for 'spotters it's unsatisfying.

Submitted by: (Petrarch)

this boot is close to the worst i have. i bought it because of THE BIG HAND and DREDD SONG, but was disappointed. DREDD SONG is somewhat pointless, and THE BIG HAND (well, for that matter, all of the WISH-era songs) are compressed and kind a icky. 1,2,3,4 is only a very, very slow version of CUT with far less guitar -ish angst (which, as we all know, is what makes CUT). And where is that funky wah'ed lead from WENDY TIME? I didn't even recognize the song. All of the early demos are from "EARLY SYMPTOMS" (zzz...) and the "THE TOP" demos are of poor, poor quality. SHAKEDOGSHAKE is muddled and lacks the definition I think it deserves. Same with the stumbling WAILING WALL, which was also hard to recognize. IN YOUR HOUSE is fairly normal, but LAMENT is a clear, concise gem of a recording. "MINK PALM" (tee hee -- sounds like a sick masturbation joke) is kinda confused with an intro that sounds like FRIDAY I'M IN LOVE (...), and the lead parts of jupiter crash lack the equilizer and volume that they command. THR FIGUREHEAD is only good when it is not distorted and muddy. and then there's a less-than- spectacular version of INBETWEEN DAYS which gets points for the good mix and clear synth. Anyway, the cover on the front makes up for it all (is it possible for that boy NOT to look good? only in the lullaby video, i guess...).

Submitted by: dave

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