The Secret Gig

Label: Red Phantom
Catalog Number: RPCD 1037
Date: Jan 17, 1991
Venue: T@C2, London
Length: 1:19:28
Medium: Compact Disc
Source: Audience Recording
Album: Wish
  • pictures of you
  • lullaby
  • fascination street
  • just like heaven
  • dressing up
  • the walk
  • let's go to bed
  • why I can't be you
  • inbetween days
  • a forest
  • disintegration
  • in your house
  • primary
  • three imaginary boys
  • boys don't cry
  • 10:15 saturday night
  • killing an arab












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The disk includes a small booklet with pictures of the show (maybe :-). On the cover is a replication of a ticket for the show.

The disk is silkscreened with the Cure logo as it appears on the cover. The disk is by Red Phantom who seem to produce a high quality product. (IMHO). It seems to be an audience recording, but a good one. The sound wavers at times, but the mix is good and the vocals come through well. Its an average show, Bob talks a bit between songs, a fair amount of noise from the audience. None of the new tunes they played are on the disk :-(.

Submitted By: Unknown

This is an excellent collector item for the soul fact that this concert was an invite only venue. The quality could be better but Robert feels at home with this crowd and it shows in his remarks between songs!
Note: this same show (but with different songs) is also on the London 1991 boot.

Submitted by: (Jason Witt)

The secret gig is not my favourite cure bootleg but the version of A forest (track 10) is wonderful !!!

Submitted by: (xxx)

It was my introduction to The Cure. The concept of it being 'secret' intrigued me and I have loved them ever since. If anyone can e-mail me to let me know where I can get a copy of the cd,(I only have a taped version) I would be eternally greatful.

Submitted by: (Catherine)

Sound quality varies on this disk. None of the new stuff was on it. Just the fact that the sound rises and drops throughout annoys me. It's difficult to listen to because of that. Songs are performed well, but if sound variation bothers you, you might want to consider trying something else....

Submitted by: (Rick)

I have this bootleg on video. This low key gig in london (17.1.91) because they had not played since (august 90) The video is not a great recording but whatchable.It was videod a bit to the right of Robert Smith.They played new songs. Cut which was alot slower and not thrashy as usual, also The Big Hand, A Letter To Elise and Wendy time. All the song in order more than on the cd:

The Song List Goes:

The Big Hand, Pictures of You, Lullaby, Ficination, Cut, A letter to Elise, Just like heaven, Dressing up, Wendy Time, The Walk, Lets go to bed, Why cant I be you, Inbetween days, A forest, Disintegration, A strange day, In your house, Primary, Never Enough, Three imaginary boys, Boys Dont cry, 10.15 Saturday night, Killing an arab

Submitted by:(Jonathon Vidovich)

This bootleg was recorded in a London club. The Cure performed under the alias Five imaginary Boys. The recording is o.k., but you can hear it's a small venue. After a while you can get irritated by Robert's returning Please take a step back, but he is generally nice to the audience.

The booklet features a few photos and a short description of the show. The front cover is a print of the admission ticket.

For the real fans: this bootleg should be in your collections!

Most numbers are fine to ok, with Just Like Heaven, 3 Imaginary Boys, Boys Don't Cry, 10:15 and Killing An Arab as the better ones on this bootleg. Dressing Up, Disintegration and In Your House are a little disappointing though.

Submitted by: (John Machielsen)

See my comments on London 1991 !

Submitted by: (Brian McGee)

One of my favorite Cure boots and the first one I ever owned. Bought it used for $5. Actually the recording is very good although there is a lot of noise (still trying to figure out what the rowdy audience members are saying in the middle of Pictures of You). The thing that makes me angry about this boot is that they mention The Big Hand in the booklet, but it's not on the damn cd! I was very disappointed about that...Still, all in all, a nice recording. Stand-out tracks are A Forest, Three Imaginary Boys, and Pictures of You (beautiful!)

Submitted by:(Elise)

tee hee... when i heard robert telling everyone to "take a step back", I thought that he was in some kind of trance or something. it creeped me out, being the first complete cure concert i'd ever heard. after a while, though, i realized that he was simply imploring the rowdy audience to "take a step back" from the mics. tee hee...

Submitted by: (david lankford)

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