Pornography Tour

Label: Collector
Catalog Number: SACD 001
Date: June 7, 1982
Venue: France
Length: 75:58
Medium: Compact Disc
Source: soundboard
Album: Pornography
  • Figurehead
  • M
  • Drowning Man
  • Short Term Effect
  • Cold
  • At Night
  • Splintered In Her head
  • Three Imaginary Boys
  • Primary
  • One Hundred Years
  • 10:15 Saturday Night
  • Pornography
  • Killing An Arab
  • Forever












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The cover is a picture of the band onstage from the left. There is a small booklet inside with several pictures and a paragraph about the tour.

This is the same show as on the disk M minus several tunes. (M is a much better recording)

Submitted By: Unknown

The performance was great, but the recording is horrible. I mainly bought it because I was interested in the Pornography tour at the time. Because of the different version of Forever, it was worth keeping.

Submitted by: (WILSON)

For this being such an old recording I was impressed at the sound quality! I actually got it pretty cheaply at a used cd store. I didn't have a chance to listen to it first, but the the fact that it was from the pornography tour made it enough for me to buy it. It shows that they could still perform with only 3 members. This bootleg is much better than others i've heard from them (like one from 87 in LA, on vinyl which is crap...) if you see it, definitely get it. if not, there's still Fiction's Paris which has some pornography material on it.

Submitted by: (rick amancio)

when i first put this cd in my player, i went straight to forever to see if it was the same as the one on curiosity - it wasn't, but nonetheless it was a great version! i think it was the version with the original lyrics ("all i have to do is kill her").. this track is featured on alternative medicine.

figurehead was a bit faster than the album version, but good. m, one of my favorites, was played well, but in the recording of it, you can hear the sound being muffled every now and then. drowning man sounded very eerie and hollow.. in other words, it was really good! :)

the beginning of short term effect sounded like it was out of a 50s sci-fi movie, that is until the drums came in. this version was, again, faster than that on the album, but robert's voice still echoed - which made it awesome! the violins and chellos in cold were changed into synthesizer sounds, which made it less dramatic than the album version, but still enjoyable.. this again was faster and had a shorter intro.

at night sounded pretty much like the one on the album, except the guitar was harsher. splintered in her head was faster than the original, and it can also be found on alternative medicine.

however, on this cd, it is printed as "splinthered". (??) three imaginary boys was also faster, but i found it to be better than the album version..

primary was probably faster than the original, i dont know for sure, but it sounded much like other live versions of this song i've heard. however, on the chorus, his voice echoes very nicely! :) 100 years sounded a lot like the album version, only roberts voice echoed throughout the whole thing! 10.15 saturday night started out with a screaming crowd going "hey hey hey hey hey.." and then as the chorus approached, they were silent and let robert sing..! very cool version!

pornography can also be found on alternative medicine - i've never heard this live, the beginning with the bbc radio station host backwards was exactly like that on the album.. the synthesizer made it even more ominous! to make a long review short, the song kicked major ass!! :)

killing an arab sounds much like that on concert. but good nonetheless..

well, thats my review, and I must say that for $21.98, this cd was worth it! :)

Submitted by: (vanessa)

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