Label: n/a
Catalog Number: n/a
Date: studio/demos
Venue: n/a
Medium: Compact Disc
Source: Soundboard

Album: Misc
  • Burn (The Crow soundtrack)
  • Want (demo)
  • This Is A Lie (demo)
  • Club America (demo)
  • Jupiter Crash (demo)
  • The Two Chord Cool (demo)
  • Mint Car (demo)
  • Dredd Song (Judge Dredd soundtrack)
  • The Lovecats (extended remix)
  • Inbetween Days (extended remix)
  • Purple Haze (Jimi Hendrix Tribute CD)
  • Friday I'm In Love (Strangelove mix)
  • Just Like Heaven (Bob Clearmountain mix)
  • High (trip mix)
  • Snow In Summer (KM3 b-side)
  • Sugar Girl (KM3 b-side)
  • Killing Ana Arab (Hanging Garden 12" b-side)
  • Cats Like Cheese (Give Me It demo w/different lyrics)
  • Boys Don't Cry (Chestnut Studios - May 26, 78)
  • Hello I Love You (Slight Return - from Rubaiyat)












If you are familiar with this bootleg, please rate it for others that might not be familiar with it (10 is the best). To view all of the albums in order of fan ranking, check out the ranked bootleg list.

Just another compilation of tracks that are found on many other "imports". The Wild Mood Swings demos are very similar to the album tracks, except The 13th (2 Chord Cool) has some different lyrics and sounds. A good compilation CD with very good sound quality throughout.

Submitted by: (Chris Cowdell)

Well, nothing earthshaking... The first pass mixes of the Wild Mood Swings songs are cut in the beginning and the end. They are not very different to what ended up on the album exept The Two Chord cool which is the most interesting track on the CD. Forget the rest until track 17 which is from the German Hanging Garden 10". And Boys don't Cry sounds like the album version but is recorded one or two days earlier.

Submitted by:(Erik Pischel)

Like Collector's Kaleidoscope, this is a good sampling of what is out there on bootlegs and stuff. The quality is good throughout, and some of the highlights include Burn from the Crow soundtrack, The Two Chord Cool (The 13th with some alternate lyrics), the Strangelove mix of Friday I'm in Love (unfortunatly cut off after about 3:20...) a couple of good Kiss Me outtakes called Sugar Girl and Snow in Summer. Just between you and me, what the hell were they thinking when they decided what went on Kiss Me...when they had these two songs and To the Sky to choose from?? But, I digress...There's a great Killing an Arab, a live version...but I worship that song live...but, it's off an official UK release, so the quality is great! And the Boys Don't Cry demo is great to hear... I mean, it really sucks, but any Cure fan will love to hear it! I'd pick this up if you see it!

Submitted by: (Jeff Heyman)

Nice 13th version with Robert doing a Mary alike voice

Submitted by:(nic)

One summer eve I strolled into the used record store looking for something 80's, something vintage. I asumed there wouldn't be alot of old Cure stuff, but still curious I looked in the 'C' section. Then a glimpse of a the little goody known as obsCUREities caught my eye and held on tight. This was twenty one dollars I was willing to part with. I listened to it once, I listened to it twice, I listened to it a billion times it has to be one of the best albums, not only bootleg wise but overall. It has a wide selection of different songs including two off soundtracks, a couple of remixes, some tributes, singles and demos. The WMS's stuff I am especially fond of and like even better than what the group actualy chose for the album. A must have for any fan, I am extreamly grateful I found it.

Submitted by: (Robert's Silliness Unleashed/Desired Lover)

Nice sound quality, etc. A good bootleg for a beginner. Very cool, although most of the tracks can be found elsewhere...

Submitted by: (Fear Of Ghosts)

This is a fairly good bootleg. I was really trying to find it for about 5 months and when I got it, I was pleased with it. Its nice to have Burn and the Dredd Song on the same disc. Most of the demos are no different from the original versions of the songs. The Strangelove mix of Friday is really good and so is Snow In Summer. Overall it's not bad. Most of the stuff on this disc can be found elsewhere, but it's a good disc.

Submitted by: (Jeff Tomczak)

great CD...I love all the songs on here. I think two chord cool is kinda freaky with robert doing that other voice though...but i digress...the friday i'm in love remix is pretty cool.... but i have almost 90% of this CD on other boots but this is definately worth it.

Submitted by: (Jenn)

the only problem i have with this boot is that the beginnings and ends of some songs are faded out or cut off. if that doesn't bother you then don't worry about this. otherwise, its great.

Submitted by: (joanna k.)

Beware: The early demo of Give Me It (entitled Cats Like Cheese) with "different lyrics" actually contains the same lyrics as those found in the final version.

Submitted by: (M)

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