M Label: Great Dane Records
Catalog Number: GDR CD 9121/A & 9121/B
Date: June 7, 1982
Venue: Paris
Length: 73.45 & 14.01
Medium: Compact Disc
Source: Audience Recording
Album: Pornography
  • M
  • The Drowning Man
  • A Short Term Effect
  • Cold
  • At Night
  • Splintered In Her Head
  • Three Imaginary Boys
  • Primary
  • One Hundred Years
  • Play For Today
  • A Strange Day
  • A Forest
  • 10:15 Saturday Night
  • The Figurehead
  • Pornography
  • Killing An Arab
  • All I Want To Do Is Kill Her












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This CD is the same as 'Pornography Tour' but includes (I think) the whole concert. The second CD is very short with only two songs. The sound quality is really good. The cover of the CD is an older picture of Lol, Simon, (in nice 80's garb) and Robert, who is sporting a nice pink long-sleeved shirt. The booklet inside has 2 pages of text about the Pornography Tour, but the text is written in Italian (I think) Great renditions of Drowning Man, Cold, At Night, Splintered, A Forest, Figurehead, and an awesome version of Pornography! (To put it in other words, the whole concert is very good.) There is only a little audience noise, but they are far away and only add to the 'live' sound.
Submitted By:Chris Cowdell
This is a REALLY awesome disc to have. Robert often says that Pornography was the hardest, most intense, most difficult, yet best period the Cure went through. Here is a stellar live document proving that.

The music is really thick and angry and intense. Splintered in her Head is a nice surprise. They play everything from Pornography except Hanging Garden. Weird hearing Play for Today without keyboards. M fades in as the first song just after it has begun. Drowning Man is especially cool as is Strange Day which does not have the break from the record and all subsequent live performances I've heard. Either they wanted more intensity or Lol is such a wanker that he forgot to stop. Either is possible. Pornography is brilliant !! 100 Years is done with a drum machine and Lol on keyboards just like the record (as if he could play that beat...) Simon changes the rhythm of his playing in the outro of a Forest and doubles his usual eighth note breakdown into something much more vicious and angry. Superb. You can almost see them up on stage with bleeding eyes and smoke pouring out their angry young ears.

It helps that the tape is sped up a semi-tone as well. Sucks to play along with though. A final note, I'm sure All I Have To Do Is Kill Her is All Minefrom Curiosity. I've never heard anyone make that connection before, but I'm sure I'm right. All Mine is cut off on Curiosity, and the version of AIHTDIKH goes on forever..... is really kick ass.... 'Nuff said, if you see this, buy it. The French liner notes are cool too. If anyone wants a translation, E-Mail me.

Submitted by:(Greg Williams)

I'm very sorry I don't agree with all the people who praise this bootleg into another universe. But I just HATE the speeding up.. it really annoys me. That's why I prefer playing Pornography Tour 1982.

Submitted by: (Menno Peeters)

This is the same as L'Olympia not the Pornography Tour 1982, which was a day before. My question is what is the correct song order? On L'Olympia the Figurehead is first. Plus, a forest is last. And I don't think Forever here is the same as on Concert.

Submitted by: (Michael)

This is the best Cure live recording of older songs I have ever heard! Great from start to finish.

Submitted by: (Brian Carter)

Great Pornography concert... I really wanted a version of All I want to do is kill her It's a bummer it's on the second cd with only 2 songs..(a bit of a pain) Good sound quality overall and a great list of deep/dark songs.

Submitted by: (Ferofghsts)

The speeding up annoys me too and thats what stops me from listening to it very often.

Interestingly, mine did not come with a second cd. But the cd does say Disc 1...I guess I was ripped off.

Submitted by: (Cary )

This is the recording of Paris 7 june 1982 (both cd), it was recorded and broadcasted by a french radio called "Radio 7", The Figurehead is the first track of the show (before M), the last is incredible version of forever. But the most important is that the radio did not broadcast everything, that night The hanging Garden and Siamese Twins were also played, you can only find them on audience recording, the whole concert lasted 100 minutes !

Submitted by: Charlie F.

I thought this boot from the Pornography tour of 82 was one of the better Cure boots I've heard. I think Pornography and also Faith are 2 of thier best albums and this live concert shows that. I really liked the versions of 100yrs, The Drowning Man and A Forest because it shows the rawity of the early 3 piece band with just the guitar, bass and drums with added synth and some drum machine. Overall this is a great concert. I love the live version of Splintered in her head. Brilliant!!!!!

Submitted by: (Jenny Guynn)

I have over fifteen bootleg cd's and M is head and shoulders above everything in my opinion, and many of the others as you can see in all of the reviews here. Roberts voice is soo haunting on this with alot of echos. The Drowning man is awesome, pornography is almoast frightning. I could go on and on.....

Submitted by: (Davies)

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