Invasion of the Body Snatchers

Catalog Number:
Medium: Vinyl (2 Discs)
Source: Radio Broadcast

Album: Misc
    Side One:

  • Killing An Arab
  • Fire In Cairo
  • 10:15 Saturday Night
  • Grinding Halt 1 & 2
  • Subway Song
  • Plastic Passion

    Side Two:

  • A Forest
  • Play For Today
  • M
  • Seventeen Seconds
  • Happy The Man
  • Shake Dog Shake

    Side Three:

  • Holy Hour
  • Primary
  • All Cats Are Grey
  • Forever

    Side Four:

  • Siamese Twins
  • One Hundred Years
  • Figurehead
  • Ariel












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This seems to be a combination of various BBC broadcasts but the sound quality is a mixed bag. Some tracks are excellent but others suffer from drop outs and fades. As a whole the recording level is a little low. The bootleg CD 'Play For Radio' has all these tracks and in much better quality. This album adds the official BBC session with the first 3 tracks. I felt it was worth it to hear Ariel for the first time.

Strangely enough, the Forever on this boot is not the same version I have found elsewhere, it may not even be the Cure!? It goes on about Hitler and his bunker and when I first heard it I could not recognize it being the same Forever that is on Curiosity. Maybe someone can enlighten me.

Submitted by:(Charles Box)

I don't know about the 'inside the bunker' song, it may be something from Easy Cure or even Malice (sung by Martin or Lol), but to me Invasion of the Bodysnatchers is a bootleg really worthwhile listening to. Ariel is a natural highlight, and I especially like the versions of Siamese twins, and The figurehead. The laughter version of Grinding halt; Desperate journalist is also worth mentioning.

P.S The Play for radio does not have the exact same track listing (missesAriel).

Submitted by: (Paul A. G. Eriksen)

This bootleg is good with the exception that my record set was really slowed down. I had to use the pitch on the record player to speed it up and actully get it to play at the right speed. The other things that stand out in this bootleg is the fact that you actully hear the DJ mention the title of some of the songs. Such as The Holy Hour and Ariel. None of the other boots I have heard have ever done this. As far as the last song goes, I believe that they did not know what else to put so they put on another song. I believe it sounds like the sex pistols or something to that effect. If you find it at a good price pick it up. The labels of the records have wierd pictures on them.

Submitted by: (michael)

Frankly, I just bought it for 2 and only 2 reasons. First : The person who sold me IOTB-S has fixed a VERY low price for it ; Second : it contains the legendaries FOREVER and ARIEL songs !!! Besides those reasons, there is no healthy reasons for buying such crap records.

Where sould I begin ? The sound : if recorded with a playtoy cassette recorder (which I suspect is the case)... You constantly hear violent interruptions at the end of almost all tracks (seems like the dude was toying with the stop/pause button). First I thought I was listening to some old Cure demos... but I've abandoned such a theory since I heard a voice like a radio announcer... Some tracks seems to be recorded from the radio (maybe from a live retransmission, or some exclusive promo gig at the local radio stations... I can't be sure). The credits : there are no credits anywhere... Seems like an home-made bootleg to me. Mystery, mystery... which suits well the b-movie style of the bootleg (the strange pics as labels in the middle of each side).

Don't waste your time looking for that album, and don't waste your money on it neither... you'd be sorry.

Submitted By: The Grey

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