Full Moon Concert

Label: Swinging Pig
Catalog Number: TSP-CD-086-2
Date: July 6,1990
Venue: Leysin, Switzerland
Length: disc 1- 50:48, disc 2- 50:35
Medium: Compact Disc
Source: soundboard
Album: Misc
  • Shake Dog Shake
  • A Strange Day
  • A Night Like This
  • Catch
  • Pictures Of You
  • Fascination Street
  • Lullaby
  • Dressing Up
  • The Same Deep Water As You
  • Just Like Heaven
  • The Walk
  • Primary
  • Inbetween Days
  • A Forest
  • Disintegration
  • Close To Me
  • Let's Go To Bed
  • Why Can't I Be You
  • Never Enough
  • Boys Don't Cry












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The cover is a pic of Bob onstage playing an acoustic guitar. A very good quality recording. Highly recommended.
Overall a pretty good disk, thou on a few traks the vocals are a bit faded, but it's no big deal. This recording of Same deep water...is probly the best I have, and it's a pretty wild transition from it into Just Like Heaven... The only version of Primary I've heard with extra lyrics... Also Why can't I be you has some lyrics from Never enough in it when it slows down, pretty interesting...

Submitted by: (Ruiner)

Very good boot but Just Like Heaven has been cut and misses the 1st verse.

Submitted by: (nic)

These discs were at one stage available seperately in Australia as "Cured (Vol. 1) - Live in Europe (Part One)" and "Cured (Vol. 2) - Live in Europe (Part Two)". (BAN-006-A & BAN-006-B) They were on the seemingly ever changing AMCOS label, this time as 'Banana'. Vol. 3 in this set was an unrelated mix of different era sets from 80 & 87.

Each disk is largely plain labeled and at first glance they appear very similar to each other. They use cover pictures (roughly 90 era) that AMCOS has used on it's other releases and look very similar. (Vol. 1 shares the same pic as Cured Neither mention a more specific venue or date than "Europe 1990".

These were amongst my first ever boots when they came out in Australia, and they left me with high expectations of boot quality for a while afterwards!

Submitted by: (Kym)

I think it's a great concert and the recording is excellent! I love the power of disintegration and a forest. Knowing one of the guys who worked on this recording, I have had my copy since the first day it was ready... and it's still one of my favourites!

Submitted by: claudio

I think that this is one of the funniest boots that I own. Frankly, Robert sounds drunk and stupid through the entire show with the only pluses being Same Deep Water... and his growling in Why Can't I Be You. Oh and his forgetting and or mumbling the words to Primary, but he always does that...now doesn't he? Anyway, I really think this boot kinda sucks, and there are much better ones out there...but who am I to judge.

Submitted by: (todd wonders)

Almost the best bootleg I've ever bought. The set list is good and the sound quality is excellent except for the very beginning vocals on shake dog shake and vocals on primary. The one thing that really makes me mad about it is that just like heaven is cut short (it's missing the first minute or so). Other than those few things, I'd recommend this one to any fan looking for a quality bootleg. It may be a little pricey (I payed $45 for it), but it's worth it.

Submitted by:(Jeff Tomczak)

Ok... Let's play pretend you got only one cd to buy in your life. You are questioning yourself, and thinking as fast as you can. Stop it right here and now ! Stop searching, 'cause you found it already. The name is : Full Moon Concert. No kidding. This is the best bootleg cd I ever own. Trust me : even better than Show and Paris. Great atmosphere, great sonority, great performance. It was I who sent the pic of Full Moon Concert, Disintegration, and Cold sleeve pics.... But from the 3 mentioned above, this is Numero Uno. So why are you still here reading my comments... Go buy it right now!!! You won't regret it.

Submitted by: (the Grey)

I've recorded the master for this album from swiss radio drs3. It was the first concert i bought on a cd and also double-lp. other releases on KTS etc came later and were always copied from the TSP-release. I recorded it late in the night while working on an architectural model.

It's still one of my favorite records.

see also: reviev 'inbetween days'

Submitted by: (dan)

one of the best boots I�ve ever heard!!! from the first �till the last song!!!

Submitted by: (maslowa)

Three words: BRILLIANT, EXCELLENT, UNBELIEVABLE!!!!! This is all what I can say about this wonderful bootleg. Buy it, enjoy it.

Submitted by: (Andreas)

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