Label: Hurricane
Catalog Number: HUR007/8
Date: 6/25/95 & 6/11/92
Length: 66:36 & 73:57
Medium: Compact Disc
Source: Soundboard and Audience
Album: Wild Mood Swings, Wish
  • Lullaby
  • Just Like Heaven
  • Trust
  • Jupiter Crash
  • High
  • The Walk
  • Let's go to Bed
  • Dressing Up
  • Strange Day
  • Push
  • Mint Car
  • Friday I'm in Love
  • Inbetween Days
  • From The Edge of the Deep Green Sea
  • Shiver and Shake
  • Disintegration
  • End
  • Want
  • Pictures of You
  • Fascination Street
  • A Night Like This
  • Apart
  • Friday I'm in Love
  • Close to Me
  • Boy's Don't Cry
  • A forest












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This was (presumably) the full broadcasted concert from the Glastonbury Festival Tracks 4-11 on disc 2 were recorded in Austin, TX on June 11, 1992. The Glastonbury Festival recording is much better. I guess it was from the mixing board, but could have been off of the radio. There is some distortion during Trust. The audience noise is there, but the quality is still very good. Tracks 4-11 on disc 2 are not nearly as good. This was an obvious audience recording. Not a horrible one, but bad enough to make you want to tell the audience to stop talking and enjoy the show. I swear some girl screams "No Smoking" during Apart. Another bummber is the duplicate of Friday I'm in Love,.. not a bad song,.. but not required twice. And for the record, A forest is 14+ minutes

Submitted By: [email protected] (Brian J. Gelly)

A really nice picture of Bob for the cover art. One of the first concert since Porl exited the band . The sound is quite correct and there is a stratospheric version of Shiver and Shake. They have found again their "CURE" sound. Fantastic.

Submitted By: [email protected] (Julien Gendreau)

Tracks 4-11 on second disc are from the concert at the Frank T. Erwin Center, Austin TX June 11, 1992. That show's quality isn't the best, but it's pretty good. The stuff from Glastonbury sounds so clear... I can't believe it.

Definitely pick it up if you have the chance, you won't be disappointed.

Submitted By: The Exploding Boy ([email protected])

Nice for the first disc, but in the oppion of a teenage the second sucked It was good to here them play Push and Shiver and Shake. Although I spent about $40.00 I would still recommend it.

Submitted by: (Latigo Sharon)

The version of Want sounds as though it was tacked on at the end!?!?! Otherwise the quality of the Glastonbury recordings are excellent!

Submitted by: (Quadpus)

This gets an 8 because of Glastonbury's strength. Trust is a must...simply amazing. I also find Mint Car quite interesting. It seems as if Robert hasn't learned the song yet... pretty cool! Well, worth the money even though the quality of the Austin show could be better.

Submitted by:(The Big "A")

I thought the first disc was amazing! The live versions of Strange Day and Push were outstanding. Even though the second disc was not as great (yet still worth buying), this collection is worth every penny put toward it!!

Submitted by: (Chuck Meinzinger)

This cd is really good until disc 2 when the texas show starts. The sound quality goes from 9-10 to an 6-7 theres to much crowd noise but robert does tell a joke about an orange and a doctor. The festival part has came out on 3 different cds already! Maybe I got ripped, I dont know, oh well

Submitted by:(Josh)

This is almost the best bootleg I have ever bought of the Cure's. If the sound quality was better on the second cd, it would be totally worth the money. The first cd is great. I love the version of mint car and high sounds excellent. The second cd could have been edited better. Overall, it's worth the money. Even though I spent $45 on it, I'm glad I bought it.

Submitted by:(Jeff Tomczak)

First off, I share the same view as the others here pertaining to the second disc, tracks 4-11. The Glastonbury portion is extraordinary! This is where I learned Lullaby and have fun playing along with it. I particularly enjoyed Jupiter Crash (beautiful!), The Walk (powerful!), and Shiver and Shake (always rocks!). I payed $60 and I feel that was a little too much, but I am thrilled to own this.

Submitted by: (Ryan Ludwig (The Rapture))

As stated before, the Glastobury portions are excellent. Pure bootleg ear pleasure. However, I really like the Austin portion as well. Despite the occasional noisy audience member, the drums are very prevailant and take on an interesting tonal quality that gives those songs a different sound. Pictures of You, especially, is to die for.

Submitted by:Brian Conahan

As stated previously, the first CD and part of the second CD sound better than the second portion of the second CD. If you are looking for just the Glastonbury show, you'd do better to get 'Dressing Up For A Day Out'. I personally like the Texas portion of this CD because of the setlist. You don't see 'Apart' on too many disks and it's one of my favorite songs from 'Wish'. Besides, it sounds beter than the version on 'Paris'!

Submitted by: (Kurt)

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