Dressing Up For a Day Out

Label: Kiss The Stone
Catalog Number: KTS 466
Date: June 26,1995
Venue: Glastonbury Fest, Somerset
Length: 78:35
Medium: Compact Disc
Source: Soundboard
Album: Wild Mood Swings
  • Pictures of You
  • Lullaby
  • Just Like Heaven
  • Jupiter Crash
  • High
  • the Walk
  • Let's Go to Bed
  • Dressing Up
  • A Strange Day
  • Push
  • Mint Car
  • Friday I'm in Love
  • Inbetween Days
  • From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea
  • Shiver and Shake
  • Disintegration
  • End












If you are familiar with this bootleg, please rate it for others that might not be familiar with it (10 is the best). To view all of the albums in order of fan ranking, check out the ranked bootleg list.

FABULOUS!! BRILLIANT! A DAMN FINE JOB! The whole thing is simply stunning; the most-often played LP in my collection. Of particular note are Lullaby - the dark, melodius drone of Smith's voice over a relentless groove sends shivers down my spine... Just Like Heaven is spectacular - the best version I've ever heard; Smith's acoustic guitar adds color and depth not found in studio recordings. Jupiter Crash, from the forthcoming LP, is marvellous, as well. The highlight of this recording, though, is From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea. The Cure outdo themselves in this phenomenal performance... Smith's writhe in an out of stellar guitar solos and some amazing percussion work. "Simply elegant."

Submitted By: SiGRiD Fenderson

Absolutely brilliant. It was nice to get a preview of Mint Car and Jupiter Crash before Wild Mood Swings emerged. Having Roger back is great, and Jason's inspired drumming adds a certain electricity to the band. Boris was equally excellent but more sublte. Perry's guitar solo in "Green Sea" is to die for. Excellent song selection, and quality. Lame liner notes as usual, but a truly excellent disk to own.

Submitted by: (Greg Williams)

I hate to jump on the bandwagon, but this is the best boot I've heard in a long time! The setlist is great, the quality awesome and the performance unforgettable! I especially like the guitar riffs on Dressing Up and Push seems kinda hard to comeby live too. The label is KTS and if you have access to the internet (you must if you're reding this), it's easy to buy on disc. It said $22 plus $4.50 s&h, but the total came on my credit card bill as $28.31 becasue of (I guess) fluctuating exchange rates or something.

Anyway, get it! - brandon

Submitted by:(brandon ellis)

Yeah, what the reviews before me said... this is an incredible live recording. The sound quality is unbelieveable...the crowd sings along throughout many of the popular songs like Just Like Heaven and Friday I'm in Love, and even The Walk (I guess the Brits liked that one...:-) From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea is incredible as usual, and Mint Car has some different lyrics. I must say, this album has the definitive version of Jupiter Crash too...better than all five Adrenaline Club CDs I have. (And the odd thing is that they all sound slightly different from each other..hmm) But, as usual, I digress....BUY IT!!!!

Submitted by: (Twinkie the Kid)

I've seen them live at glastonbury 1995, and the bootleg is a live recording for the bbc-television. It catches the live feelings and it's a good sound recording, but it misses the first songs they played !!

want and fascination street

Porl thompson, who played the same day with plant joined the band on end.

lovely concert, however too short!

Submitted by: (wiesbauer jörg)

This is an excellent recording. I picked it up for about $18.00 CDN, which translates to about a buck for you Americans!

This is one of the first large venue gigs with Jason and I'm less than impressed. Get Boris back behind that kit again, please. This recording with Boris would get a 10, otherwise I give it a 9.

Submitted by: (Dave Mitchell)

I´ve seen them live at glastonbury 1995, and the bootleg is a live recording for the bbc-television. it catches the live feelings and it´s a good sound recording.

I missed the first songs they played !!

porl thompson, who played the same day with plant joined the band on the end

lovely concert, but however too short!

Submitted by: (wiesbauer jörg)

I have to give compliments to Perry and Jason on their playing during the 1995 Glastonbury Festival, as they have brought a clean and basic sound to the Cure again. Porl and Boris restricted the Cure to a 70's and 80's sound, while Jason and Perry has brought a newer, simpler sound that is more effective for the 90's and beyond. Disintigration and End are totally amazing in this boot!!

Submitted by: (David)

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