Label: The Swingin' Pig Records
Catalog Number: TSP-CD-223-2
Date: Nov. 15, 1984
Venue: Washington, D.C.
Length: 88 min.
Medium: Compact Disc
Source: Soundboard

Album: The Top
  • Shake Dog Shake
  • Piggy In the Mirror
  • Wailing Wall
  • M
  • Primary
  • Cold
  • The Hanging Garden
  • Charlotte Sometimes
  • Secrets
  • The Walk
  • Let's Go To Bed
  • One Hundred Years
  • Give Me It
  • A Forest
  • Happy The Man
  • The Caterpillar
  • Three Imaginary Boys
  • Boys Don't Cry
  • 10:15 Saturday Night
  • Killing An Arab
  • Five (forever)












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I bought this on the Net with absolutely no information but the date and venue - I really lucked out! The sound is tremendous, the performance is at least solid and it has got a good many songs that aren't common live. It's so nice to have Secrets with Bob's vocals turned up in the mix- it makes it a very different song. The jacket isn't much at all; it lists Bob, Porl and Lol with their instruments (Porl played sax?) but also has "Phil Thornally-" with nothing listed afterwards. Most of the versions on here are only minor variations, with different synth sounds used than normal.

A Forest isn't done near the same way as is on the newer boots- it sounds less dramatic but, in a way, better. Before Primary Bob says, Sorry we started so late, I got arrested - that's why. The rest of the banter is at least entertaining Whoever turned the house lights on is gonna get a fuckin' good kickin' later on, which inspires the most rocking 10:15 and Killing an Arab I've ever heard, then sweep everyone away with Five - first time I've heard it and it leaves a great impression.

Submitted by:(Benjamin Dagnon)

This is the best sounding boot of a Top show I have ever heard, period!

Submitted by:(Charles Box)

Think of a Top Tour bootleg on CD and two come to mind: Forever and Pig In The Mirror. Forever is a good soundboard recording, but was transferred from the original bootleg VINYL, and is missing some songs. Pig In The Mirror has a great quad-fold digipak cover, is the same show as Forever plus a few songs, minus a song or two - but the sound is SPED UP so that Robert becomes Alison Shaw of Cranes. It's not tolerable.

Enter COLD, a 2 CD bootleg from The Swingin' Pig Records, recorded live in Washington D.C., November 15, 1984.

Perry is one of the first things that Robert says away from the microphone a little as he strums a few bars on his guitar. I don't know about you, but I enjoy hearing Robert say Perry disappointingly in a way that seems to mean this guitar is out of tune. Now tell me this bootleg doesn't get any cooler than this.. only a few seconds into it and we're already hearing Robert's disappointment at Perry, ex-roadie-now-full-time-guitarist- and-keyboardist. Oh, but it does get cooler. :) The sound is INCREDIBLE - tied with Alive and Well (Great British Music Weekend '91 soundboard) and Difficult To Cure. And the set!

There are 2 minor drawbacks to this bootleg - one is that 4 seconds are cut from the start of a Forest. The other is the fact that Forever was edited near the end, possibly for radio time constraints (this had to have been a radio broadcast). You can hear it about to build and get faster and Robert about to go off even more, then BAM - the final drum beat (however far ahead it is) is spliced nicely to end the disc.

Other than that, 90 minutes later you know that the Cure is the best band in the world. And you say you don't like The Top, huh?

Submitted by:(Jason Ernsberger)

A fantastic sounding show from "the top tour". The chestnuts found here are the ultra rare happy the man and a nice live version of the caterpillar. Alternative lyrics to forever are also done here. A couple of flaws here also: the cover art is picture from 1989/90 time period. A similar picture can be found on ] parched corn boot and forever is misinterputed on the label as five.

Submitted by: (andy stefani)

The sound is superb and there's plenty of rareties. Here's the songs that weren't included on "In Concert" that you need. If you like the early stuff this is another must have.

Submitted by: (Mark O)

Well as you can see this one's kinda popular!! Recommended to everyone everywhere in the world, cure fan or not. Incredible. Can't say enough. You see unlike most other Cure fans, The Top is my favorite album. This CD is grrrrrreat. No-one's mentioned though that Boris Williams drums on this gig, Andy Anderson having left the band weeks earlier. So it's a top gig without the exact top lineup, but so what? Wailing Wall, Caterpillar, Happy The Man....Jaysus. BUY IT. 15 out of 10 on a bad day.

Submitted by: (Brian McGee)

I am a huge (but kinda broke) CURE fan, so I usually avoid spending hard-earned bucks on bootlegs.

But when my local "importation" disc store called me up at home telling me that I SHOULDN'T miss a opportunity like this, I knew I was facing serious stuff.

I paid $ 64,99 CAN for the CD. A Blast !!! It sounds even better than the so-called OFFICIAL live albums : SHOW & PARIS. And the ambiance of the show is just great. Robert was in an excellent mood that night, no doubt.


Submitted by: (the Grey)

Cold is by far the best bootleg recording out there of the Top Tour. It sounds as good as the 'Concert' release by Fiction Records, but is better since it's an entire show. I am amazed at the sound quality considering when it was recorded (pre digital). I wish all boots sounded this good. Buy this CD if you can find it!

Submitted by: (Kurt Kunkle)

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