The Complete B-Side Collection 1987 - 1992

Catalog Number: cu326
Date: various
Length: 75.32
Medium: Compact Disc
Source: Official Releases
Album: Misc
  • A Japanese Dream
  • Breath
  • A Chain of Flowers
  • Snow In Summer
  • Sugar Girl
  • Purple Haze
  • Fear Of Ghosts
  • Babble
  • Out of Mind
  • Harold and Joe
  • This Twilight Garden
  • Play
  • Halo
  • Scared as You
  • The Big Hand
  • A Foolish Arrangement
  • Hello I Love You
  • Hello I Love You (slight return)












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I LOVE THIS C.D. Now if I could just find the b-sides that are on Standing On A Beach cassette on c.d., I would truly be a happy man.

Most of this can be found on legitimate releases, though if you already have them but want all of them tucked away on one single CD, this may be for you.

Submitted By: jefferson way

The first five songs on this CD are obviously taken from vinyl. All of the other songs on here are from CD sources. Awsome quality. The Big Hand and A Foolish Arrangement were only available in the UK single A Letter To Elise , so it is good to get them together, because I recall seeing that CD single going for over 12 dollars.

Submitted by: (Brynph)

A Japanese Dream is a grating recording; that's my only complaint of this cd.. the only track you can really hear the scratches of vinyl on is Breathe, aside from that one it's difficult to tell. They list The Big Hand as "The Big Band", which is amusing. Good good bootleg. Very nice to have all of these songs on one cd.

Submitted by: (lauren nigh)

I bought this thing for $30! Boy was I disappointed... The main reason I bought this disc was to have the Kiss Me x 3 b-sides, but the sound quality for these songs was horrible. They were obviously taken from vinyl. I don't know why someone didn't try to at least make the sound quality on these tracks somewhat comparable to the latter tracks.

The later songs sound great, though. And having the Hello, I Love You, tracks was a big bonus. The other songs are all available on cd-singles, so i wasn't too concerned with them, i just wanted some good-quality Kiss Me tracks and was disappointed when I heard them. Oh yeah, they left out 2 late, one of the better b-sides from the Disintegration album. If you are mostly interested in the Kiss Me tracks (like I was), don't buy this unless you're desparate. You can probably still find the 12"s somewhere, and for a reasonable price, and they'll sound better.

Submitted by: (rick)

As was stated by others,I too purchased this c.d. for the Kiss Me singles.

I am always happy to hear different cure songs. Unfortunately the price tag was around 30 bucks (ouch), now I hear the cure is coming out with the singles legitimately. Oh well.

Submitted by:james This boot sure isn't chesp... especially if you get it from a friend and not a vendor. I'll have to agree with the above, the Kiss Me b-sides were not all that great, but the only one I like of them is Japanese Dream anyway. I got this and the previous b-side collection together in a sort of packaged deal. It is nice not to have to flip through 10 singles to listen to all these b-sides, which is the best thing about it. Plus, it has Purple Haze and Hello I Love you, and I don't know about all of you, but I have had a hell of a time obtaining either of those. Both the b-sides from A Letter to Elise were a bonus as well.

I know The Cure plans to put out official b-sides comps.... but if you look at this and the previous boot you'll see that they both manage to fill up 2 CD's. I know the WMS b-sides will be on the official comps too... So, you won't be getting all the songs you get on these on the official releases. (Unless they drop Carnage Visors, which would be a plus, that thing gets annoyng after the first ten minutes)

Submitted by: (The Smiling Bandit)

These are far from complete! However, good luck finding a better collection of early b-sides on cd. Missing are the early rare live b-sides like Faith and A Forest. Also, none of the Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me b-sides are here. Don't forget that there's only 2 b-sides from Wish. Still these are some classics. Buy it!!!

I am an avid fan of The Cure and I was very excited when I recieved a copy of this album as a gift. I think its the best album I own to say the least...

Submitted by:(KRASS)

i paid $25.99..i feel it was worth it... there are some songs from there are the slight scratches...most of the cd is very clean... being that it was stolen from released cd maxi singles. go for it..if you were buying all the singles you could go cheaper going this route. one of the boots i got..

Submitted by:(smokey)

This cd is really good. It took me a while to find it and I payed about $30 for it, but it's worth it. Like some people have stated, the first 5 songs were recorded from vinyl. That's really the only problem I have with it. To have most of the B sides all on one cd is great! Halo, Out of Mind, Snow In Summer, and Harold and Joe are great songs. The version of Hello I Love You is really good too. If you see this cd, BUY IT!!!

Submitted by: (Jeff Tomczak)

This is a bad bootleg. But even at its worst, it's still better than a lot of other ones, so i rate it at a 6. Anyways, the first few tracks are poor quality. When you get to purple haze, things pick up a bit. The first few tracks must be off of vinyl. This is not a "complete" b-sides from 1987-1992. It's missing, notably, 2 late, one of the best b-sides off of lovesong. It could definitely stand to be revamped. They could've gotten rid of the hello i love you (slight return), which is corny on its own, and replaced it with 2 late. There would most likely have been enough space. If you see this cd, two things should go through your mind. 1. Am i buying this for the km3 b-sides? if so, search for them on vinyl, or even another bootleg. 2. do i really need this? probably not, if you have most of the songs on it, get a blank tape and record ...or a minidisc system (they're really cool!!!!!!) so, in conclusion, please don't waste your money like i did.

Submitted by: (Nothing)

This is a wonderful CD. It is meant to be a companion to the first compilation (2 Late can be found on that CD) It has all of the bsides from KMKMKM, 3 out of 4 of the Disintegration songs and all 6 wish bsides. A bargain at $30. If you see this..get it (although the quality suffers a bit on the first 5 tracks...they are still great though!)

Submitted by: Jason

I first heard this collection from a CD a boyfriend at the time insisted, I hear. I immediately fell in love with the cd, unfortunely the CD left with the boyfriend, and I want my own copy of the cd! If any one out there would be so kind as to let me how , where, and how much it would cost me to get this collection back, PLEASE email me! I'd be very greatful :) It's such a nice collection, and I'm a true Cure Fan! Robert if you're reading this, you're the GREATEST! Thanks, guys!

Submitted by: (Angel)

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