The Complete B-Side Collection 1979-1989

Label: GEMA
Catalog Number: CU 7889
Length: 75:46
Medium: Compact Disc
Source: Soundboard
Album: Misc
  • Carnage Visors
  • I'm Cold
  • Another Journey By Train
  • Descent
  • Splintered In Her Head
  • Mr. Pink Eyes
  • Happy The Man
  • Throw Your Foot
  • The Exploding Boy
  • A few Hours After This
  • A Man Inside My Mouth
  • Stop Dead
  • New Day
  • Pillbox Tales
  • Do The Hansa
  • Too Late












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I had been searching for a CD recording of the B-sides to Standing On A Beach for a very long time. I about freaked when I saw this. I almost never buy bootlegs but I really wanted those songs on CD. The CD and inserts have no company names or anything like that on them.
Submitted By: [email protected] (Chad Nelson)
Though the collection is not really complete like the title says(missing Japanese Dream), I love listening to this album. If you end up buying The Complete B-side Collection 1987-1992(CU326), you should have a full collection. Though this album mostly has stuff taken from tape, it has surprisingly good quality. I suspect some sort of DAT manipulation.

Submitted by: (Brynph) I only have one (well more but one thing to start) thing to say. If you see this... BUY IT! It is very cool to finally get the older b-sides on CD, esp. all that stuff from the Standing on a Beach tape. The quality lags on some of the really old ones, but besides that it is very clear.

Submitted by: (The Smiling Bandit)

A must have for any real cure fan. Includes some of the best cure titles ever (of course, most of their B-sides are their most incredible work).

Submitted by:(Gerard Simoneaux)

I must admit, I'm not the biggest fan of the Cure's older stuff, but this is a must have to complete a collection. It's great to have some hard to find stuff all on one disc. My favorite song on it is A Few Hours After This. I payed about $30 for it. If you can find it, get it.

Submitted by: (Jeff Tomczak)

this cd is a great buy if you can find it, two tracks in particular which make it that good to have, pillbox tales and do the hansa, are extremely rare. if you have the cassette of staring at the sea, all of the b-sides are included except for the two songs, pillbox tales and do the hansa. also something to keep an eye out for is a bootleg i've found called b-sides '87-'94. it serves (almost)as a b-sides for galore minus the b-sides from the 13th & mint car singles; it used to be me, ocean, adonais; home, waiting, and a pink dream. it includes purple haze, and two versions of hello i love you from the rubaiyat recordings.

Submitted by: (mr. macphisto)

Fantastic, absolutely fantastic. I've been waiting for this for such a long time, it's great to finally have it. I suggest you put The Exploding Boy on REALLY loud and just go completely crazy. One of their best songs. (In my humble opinion)

Submitted by: (Ruthie)

Great Stuff.. it's nice having Carnage Visors on disc. Great sounding boot quality wise, with only a few minor hiccups. Well worth every penny!

Submitted by: (Sethy)

i think that this is one of those love hate things. i now have all these b sides on about 3 audio tapes and now one cd. while it was worth it(arent they all) just to get hansa and pillbox, me thinks they couldve added a little more variation in the b-sides...practices,outtakes,and messing about to make it worth 30 bucks oh well just a thought......

Submitted by: (sir real)

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