Bite The Big Apple

Label: Big Music
Catalog Number: BIG 026/027
Date: 1992
Venue: New York City, NY
Length: Disk 1- 75:49, Disk 2- 68:32
Medium: Compact Disc
Source: Audience
Album: Wish
  • Open
  • Close To Me
  • Pictures of You
  • Lullaby
  • Just Like Heaven
  • Fascination Street
  • A Night Like This
  • Apart
  • The Walk
  • Let's go to Bed
  • Friday I'm in Love
  • Inbetween Days
  • From The Edge of the Deep Green Sea
  • Never Enough
  • Cut
  • End
  • High
  • Why Can't I be You?
  • Lovesong
  • Doing The Unstuck
  • Why Can't I Be You?
  • To Wish Impossible Things
  • Charlotte Sometimes
  • Boys Don't Cry
  • In Your House
  • Primary
  • A Strange Day
  • A Forest












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Ok, this is definitely from a soundboard...but not a very good recording from one... Disk one isn't much to write home about...pretty average... But disk two was worth it for me all the way, the sound quality even went up on it! I guess they forgot that they played Why can't I be you so it shows up twice...I wouldn't mind so much if they were the ones with extra lyrics... but they're just your average why can't i be you.

Lovesong was done pretty well and it's a pretty hard one to find live. Another one they don't play alot is To Wish Impossible things and it sounds GREAT, I've been trying to get it on cd ever since i heard it on the video of Show...a GREAT track to have!

This version of A Forest is probably one of the best I'm gonna get, I really like the way it comes out of the extra lyrics, you just have to have it.

I dont think that this CD is as bad as many of the reviews suggest. I agree on the To Wish Impossible Things...great to see it there. Primary is also an interesting ending. My favorite part of this whole audience recording is when you hear Can you please sit down... something I hear a lot!!!

Submitted by: (dean roczen)

Give this boot a chance.... admittedly the sound quality isn't the best, but it does offer some interesting stuff. According to "Scott's Tour Page", this concert is actually recorded in Texas, not NY. Anyway, To Wish... is cool, as is Primary and Charlotte. Nice to hear In Your House, done much slower than on Paris. Strange Day is done fast and great, and A Forest is stellar as always. Amazing how it comes out differently all the time.... not the best document of the Wish tour, but at least it's a full show with great encores...

Submitted by:(Greg Williams)

Not bad but it was not a true high quality recording

Submitted by:(M Wagner)

Additional Comments:
I've been to every Cure show in NYC since 1987. This disc was not recorded in NY! This bootleg was so bad i just taped it and sold the cd's. and i never listen to the tape!

Submitted by: (Michael C. Bond)

This seems to be the only album that covers a FULL Wish tour show, so for that, I would suggest it to the fan who needs EVERYTHING (like me :-) The quality isn't terrific, and there are only a few more tracks than the 2-CD Show album, but how can you take a Cure concert CD seriously without a 15-minute A Forest? You just can't. So, what my ramblings are leading to, is that this is worth getting at some point, but it's not a must buy tomorrow. Got it? Good!

Submitted by: (Jeff Heyman)

First: when you get a live bootleg recording you are not supposed to hear state of the art sound quality but you have a chance to live or re-live a show. This one is a great performance and as such must be regarded; all the crap about date exactitud sounds as fundamentalism to me.

Second: As label manager for a mexican indie distributor I had the chance to import some 5,000 of this one to Mexico and never heard a complaint. We even played it on the radio and everybody was delighted to hear this versions since the band has never played Mexico City. This is the idea.

I sort of hope more scope from you guys.

Third: the best ever Cure show Ive seen was Woodlands near Houston on May 1992, any other people attending the show (I was the swirling derviche on The Walk), any good recording on a recognizable format, Im interested.

Submitted by: (Alvaro Estrada)

Not one of the best bootlegs of the Cure I have heard, but it has it high points. To wish impossible things was great and several others were also good.

Submitted by: (Dave Hubbard)

This one is a pretty nice show, for that song hard to herd in others, by the way the band played at Mexico (monterrey) in the wish tour just after houston i was there too, also you can check it at this site on tour dates.

Finally i enjoy the BBA.

Submitted by: Ben

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