stiff as toys and tall as men

The Swing Tour, 96 Barcelona

Label: BOB
Catalog Number: bob 011-012
Date:October 30 96
Length:2 hours 30 minutes
Medium:Compact Disc
Source:Audience Recording

  1. plainsong
  2. want
  3. club america
  4. fascination street
  5. lullaby
  6. high
  7. the blood
  8. this is a lie
  9. lovesong
  10. mint car
  11. jupiter crash
  12. cold
  13. strange attraction
  14. friday i'm in love
  15. catch
  16. never enough
  1. return
  2. treasure
  3. prayers for rain
  4. inbetween days
  5. from the edge of the deep green sea
  6. numb
  7. dressing up
  8. close to me
  9. why can't i be you
  10. just like heaven
  11. play for today
  12. boy's don't cry
  13. 10:15 saturday night
  14. killing an arab












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Additional Comments:
This bootleg is good. The cover looks like the Swing Tour program. The sound is correct. The version of why can't i be you is cool as all versions of why can't i be you during the Swing Tour.

Submitted by: (axelle philippon)

The booklet is superb. Photos and texts are taken from the tour program. The sound is correct (better on the first disc) but the recording levels are low..maybe they were trying to hide audience noise. The versions of High, the Blood, This Is A Lie and Never Enough a very enjoyable, unfortanately, Killing an Arab is cut!


As already mentioned, the sound levels are a bit low, but unlike most bootlegs it doesn't distort too much when you turn up the volume. Plainsong is utterly beautiful, with Robert singing it more like it is on the album than he usually does live (though he still gets one of the lines wrong!). Other highlights include a monumental Cold and nerve-shattering Want. Track 6 on disc two is actually Bare, not Numb, and after this comes Disintegration, which is not mentioned on the track listing. All in all a good but not great bootleg marred by a set-list a little empty without A Night Like This, Pictures of You, or Push.

Submitted by: (Ivan)

This Cd Rules, aside from the noticeable errors on the sleve, The Sound Quality starts off really sluggish, but i think who ever taped it realized to turn up the level. the songs are great (esp. Plainsong, and Cold). if you can get a hold of it buy it, its worth it.

Submitted by: (Joqua)

sound could be better but a must have, slowed down version of from the edge of the deep green sea.

Submitted by: (dani morrissey)

Well i found this cd for $50 i dont know how that really is but for a double live cure bootleg i have never seen before i figuered it was worth it... though the audio is low and the audience sang along at times , which i found slightly annoying at times the set is a pretty good one , the "empty" spaces on cd 2 is dressing up and disintegration. my fav tracks on here would be want , high and cold most definatley . the missing songs that would make this better would be a forest and a few other oldies but it does have play for today .... good bootleg but for $50 i felt only slightly jipped!! i will trade with whomever would like to also

Submitted by: (UltraKen)

The Barcelona Swing Tour Recording is a deceiving one. For starter, it's an audiance recording, so the sound quality is not so great, and even more it's recorded very low (surely to try to "edit out" some of the crowd talking). It would have been a great bootleg if it has been a soundboard recording. Too bad. It would have been nice too if we had some pics of the show... Nah, instead we've got plain white folded insert. I was kindda hoping for something a little more elaborated for 50 $ CAN !!! Anyway, besides the typos and the blanks in the titles on the back sleeve, beside RETURN begins with a fade-in effect, SWING TOUR '96 BARCELONA is a fair Bootleg. If you can find it second-hand in some boutiques, consider buying it. But don't rob a bank for such a CD set. If there is a bootleg of the MONTREAL SWING TOUR, just lemme know : I was there that night and show was really breathtaking - never seen the Cure so enthusiastics to play live !!! Must be one hell of a bootleg (if it exists).

Submitted By: The Grey

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