Glastonbury Festival 1990

Label: None
Catalog Number: None
Date:June 24, 1990
Venue:Glastonbury Fest, Somerset, England
Length: 78:14
Medium: Compact Disc
Source: Audience Recording

Album: Misc
  • Shake Dog Shake
  • A Strange Day
  • A Night Like This
  • Just Like Heaven
  • The Walk
  • Primary
  • In Between Days
  • A Forest
  • Disintegration
  • Close to Me
  • Let's go to Bed
  • Why Can't I Be You
  • Lullaby
  • Lament
  • 10:15 Saturday Night
  • Killing an Arab
  • Never Enough
  • Boys Don't Cry (From MTV Unplugged)













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Very good sound quality. Different lyrics on 1st verse of Why Can't I Be You

Submitted by: (David Bridge)

The quality of the sound is as good as Show and Paris. The songs are all real good with the highlights being Shake Dog Shake, A Forest (unbelievable), and Lament, which Robert says they had never played before. (note: they have played Cornwall 1982)

The production is shady. No name of a label, and the picture on the front is the publicity photo for the Wish album, without Roger O'Donnell, but with Perry Bamonte, that wasn't released until 2 years later.

Overall, the disk is wonderful though.

Submitted by: (Nate Balis)

This is an excellent recording of the Glastonbury show. The track listing is fairly common for the shows during that period and the performance is quite good. The real jewel is a spectacular version of lament. This song alone makes this CD a must have. Boys don't cry is from MTV unplugged and can be found on various other boots. If you find this CD don't leave without it!

Submitted by: (Stuart K.)

This was a KROQ broadcast, although the setlist is somewhat different. Not included are dressing up, inbetween days the same deep water as you, and a forest. Why they put disintegration on it twice, I don't know. I just don't know why they didn't leave on the lesser known/boot- legged songs on this otherwise great bootleg. Bootlegs sell better when there are RARE tracks on them, not the same ole songs.

Submitted by: (rick amancio)

It's Bamonte on keyboards. O'Donnell didn't play any show in 1990. Look at the cover of Never Enough. Bamonte is not credited but he appears on the picture, in the center.

Submitted by: (Pierre GALLOTTA)

This is a fairly high quality recording. It's worth it for the versions of Shake Dog Shake, A Strange Day, and Lament alone. The version of Why can't I be You? seems to be lacking intensity, though. A classic version of A Forest Buy it!

Submitted by: (Mark O)

Amy, you made the right choice. Ultra Rare Trax Live is a cheap compilation of live tracks which are all available better elsewhere on other bootlegs. But for anyone who hasn't bought this CD of Glastonbury 90, I would instead recommend Red Phantom's Never Enough 2xCD (brown sleeve), which contains the Glastonbury 1990 concert in full, with even better sound quality than the Zodiac CD ! (Not to be confused with the Never Enough release on Not Guilty Records, which is a Swiss concert recorded a few weeks later.

Submitted by: (Brian McGee)

This the greatest Cure concert I have ever heard! Of course, me being a sort of new fan of the cure, I have only heard about 20 or so concerts. But this one has got it all! Great song list and Amazing Sound. There is no way this is an audience recording because it is just too good. It is definately as good, if not better, than the sound of SHOW. Lament is the song that steals the show, it is definately my favorite from the concert and is quite rare from the rest of the list. The cover art is pretty cool, the cover is a pic of the band in 1990 with kind of a blue/green backround. It looks a little faded but DONT be fooled by the cover on this one! You would never guess this is a bootleg because the sound is so good. oh yeah, they miss spell O'Donnal with O'Connal. If you find it BUY IT! Later, Matt

Submitted by: (Matt)

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