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Posted By Bane On Mon, Jun 11th At 9:28 PM
In Reply To: New Album Posted By Stabbed On Sat, May 5th At 8:15 PM
I'm sorry i didn't read the whole post, but i'm
going back to read it when i finish this.
why did you only get into the band because of the
"dark" "electronic" sounds? why not listen to the
lyrics. their lyrics stay the same, it's still
deep meaningful stuff...and still stuff to
depress you...but you can hear it more clearly
now. i understand where you are comming from
though, i've gotten into lots of bands because of
their sound...then listend to the music and
realized that it's terrible stuff... i.e. Lyncon
Park...they are a locle band here...well, started
as one. and their music sounded cool to begin
with...then i actually listened to the lyrics and
they are terrible....half of it is either
screaming or rapping...don't judge a band just by
it's sound, listen to their message.
with that said, i'll finish reading you post _.


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