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Posted By Charley On Tue, May 22nd At 5:34 PM
In Reply To: Re: New Album Posted By kcneon On Wed, May 9th At 7:35 PM

Its not that its a bad Cd by any means, its just
that it isn't the old Stabbing Westward. But you
can't expect a band to stay the same for ever
they have to hit some highs and lows to figure
out what works and what doesn't. Metallica has
gone down hill ever since Load for example. But
Atleast they tried to show the world thier techno
rock ideas and gave us 3 good albums of it. I
think this might be a way to lure the teeny
boppers into thier previous stuff and maybe they
will lead the new techno music revolution.
Wouldn't that be cool?

>Personally, I was a little relieved when I first
>heard "So Far Away"! I'd been hearing all this
>talk of the 'changes' for months & thought I
>would be majorly disappointed by a new sound,
> but like you said, it grows on you.
>And they're still one of the coolest bands
>around. If you were playing as long as they have
>been, wouldn't you want to vary what you're
> doing a little?
>>I've been listening to the new cd for a month >
>now, and I have to say that it's grown on >
>me........I like it, but not in the way I
> >thought I would. I view it as a new band......


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