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Posted By Stabbed On Sat, May 5th At 8:15 PM
I just wanted to share my opinion on SW new album.
I really think that its sad that bands have to
change there style to make record sales. I dont
know if any one else noticed, but in there up
coming album they hardly have any electronic
sounds in any of the songs. There unique
electronic, Industrial, dark and sexy sound is
the only reason I got into in the first place.
Now there turning into a commercial band,
abandoning the under ground sound, and slowly
turning into just a dark and sexy band. I read
that the reason for this dramatic change was
because of poor record sales, commercial issues,
radio play and because there new record company
told them to do it and some other bullshit. I
understand that they have to make a living, they
want to make money and they have to make there
record company happy, but if there willing to do
what ever other people tell them to do and not
follow there own heart, then there something
wrong there. For example look at NIN, every one
turned Tren Reznor down and told him his type of
music would never make it to the masses
(basically it wasn't commercail enough). But he
ignored them and followed his heart, look at him
now he's the king of this Industrialish music. I
still think SW rocks, but if they totally ditch
the Industrial sound, there going to rock a bit
less! Talk to me tell me what you think.


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