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Posted By Bane On Mon, Jun 11th At 9:20 PM
In Reply To: Re: Out with the old Posted By Tyler On Mon, Apr 23rd At 9:29 PM
hey, i believe i said this lastnight...but if you
like dark industrial poets, go to a neo goth
indus. site. you fucking moron! how dare you
insult Christopher's artistic lyrics! have you
fucking listned to the fucking CD? apparently you
haven't or you wouldn't be so damn closed minded.
because you don't take time to listen to the
message that is sent doesn't mean it's bad music,
it means you are a fucking brain dead waste of
space. do us all a favor, take a gun and put it
to you temple, then pull the trigger. get it over
with, there will be more air for inportant people
to breath, and you won't be fucking up our world!
you don't like the CD, big fucking deal, go
somewhere else and bitch! this is a fan site,
people who like the band, not people who say
"wow, they changed their style a little they suck
now becouse this music makes me think more"
fucking dumb ass. i bet you don't even know what
good industrial is, i bet you are one of those
people who cried when Joey Ramon died, but you
don't even know who the fuck they were, like i
said before, kill yourself and save get rid of
one more insult to the human race.



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