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Posted By Dazin On Fri, Apr 20th At 7:34 PM
Say goodbye to the great dark Industrial poets of
the 20th century and say hello to the sparkle and
resurrection of a 21st century popish rock band
who will soon be embrassed by the MTV
cheerleaders on TRL and the radio stations that
bring you "Matchbox Britney". Misery loves
company...but don't expect this album to get you
through another break-up. Although its still a
great new album, they've popped out of their
goth-rock industrial roots into a melow pop-rock

Tracks & my views of them (and I know you care)
1. So Far Away - Their new single - I really like
this song.. it reminds me of a happier version of
what a Darkest Days medley would sound like
2. Perfect - "[He] used to be perfect" ...and so
did Stabbing Westward...too bad this song doesn't
live up to its name. Its still a good song to
rock out to in your car though.
3. I Remember - I remember "Staring at the Sun"
by U2 and this song reminds me of it.
4. Wasted - My second favorite has a
good melody and beat.
5. Happy - Sweet sounds of a Xylophone make this
song a little too "happy" for Stabbing Westward's
own good.
6. The Only Thing - he says "that I breathe" a lot
in this song now you know 80% of the
lyrics... yey!!!
7. Angel - Don't have it
8. Breathe You In - ever hear "Diferent World" by
Duran Duran?
9. High - Don't have it
10. Television - part of its harmonization sounds
like "So Wrong"

I don't know if any of you like
fact you might despise them...but they went
through the same phase - The softened up they
stopped listening to the darker side of their
minds and started on a new track that was more
accepted by the pop-community. I actually
believe that it was their fame and fortune that
killed their great music genre, so its possibly
similar for Stabbing Westwardmabe they've turned
into inconsiderate pricks, who knows. What we do
know is that even though they've turned soft,
they can still put out some pretty cool songs.



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