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Re: New CD has been ripped and leaked...

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Posted By Bane On Sun, Jun 10th At 10:26 PM
In Reply To: Re: New CD has been ripped and leaked... Posted By Dazin On Tue, Apr 17th At 7:53 PM
you know, that's B/S!
because they change their sound a little
you go and say it's pop?
what the hell!
i bet you are one of the people that like Marilin
manson before he went "glam" and changed his
style a little.
people like you shouldn't even know who bands like
SW are.
So they changed their sound, big fuckig deal, i
love their new CD, you can hear chris's voice a
lot better, and it still sounds wonderful. they
are still the same band, but just because they
found a "new sound" doesn't make them pop!
there are songs on the new CD that sound
industrial, if you even know what real indus.
sounds like.

oh..and sorry i've been gone for a while
guys...couldn't get online _.

and with all that said, have a nice day.



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