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Re: New CD has been ripped and leaked...

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Posted By Bane On Sat, Mar 31st At 2:07 PM
In Reply To: New CD has been ripped and leaked... Posted By Ne0h On Wed, Mar 14th At 9:31 PM
i think they messed up on the genre...SW isn't
pop...i mean sure, lots of people listen to
them...they are a wonderful band...but i always
thought they were industrial? _ just my input,
and i have listend to stuff from the ripped CD,
and it's really good...i can't wait to get the
actuall one though, i'd rather pay for it...i
mean, it's outta respect for the band. have i
missed anything important, by the way? i've been
gone for a while...just wanned to know...any news
on a tour date? if anyone has any, please feel
free to email me _ my addy is posted. well, i
have to go guys, bye bye!


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