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New CD has been ripped and leaked...

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Posted By Ne0h On Wed, Mar 14th At 9:31 PM
Thought you guys might want to know....the new cd
that is due out in May has been leaked. Here's
the .nfo file that goes with it:


Artist: Stabbing Westward

Album: Stabbing Westward

Record Label: Koch Records

Street Date: 05/22/2001

Ripped Date: 03/10/2001

Genre: Pop

Year: 2001

Ripper: z3r0

Source: Compact Disc

Encoder: Fraunhofer

Another Great Production by EGO!

Release Infomation

Enjoy this pre well over 2 months in
advance. Not the
Stabbing Westward release we all expected
but enjoy ..

Track Listing:

No. Time Track Title

~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
~~~~~~ ~ ~~~~~~ ~~
01 4:11 so far away

02 3:46 perfect

03 5:42 I remember

04 4:45 wasted

05 4:05 happy

06 5:38 the only thing

07 4:23 angel

08 4:00 breathe in you

09 3:23 high

10 4:48 television

CD Time: 0hr44min .. Total Size: 61MB ..

Group Information

Established in 1999, EGO has already proven
to the
scene to be the number one releasing
group. Week after
week, EGO puts out the hottest releases in
music. Our
supporters expect EGO to bring them fresh
months before the street date and also be
the group to
completely dominate the scene on
Tuesday's. Our effort
has given us undoubtly the finest sites,
couriers, and
rippers in the scene. Thanks everyone for
your support!

Special greets to Kalisto, THCiSO,
VCDEurope, and KSI

EGO - Giving you the music you bump

Group News

We are currently looking for the following:

[ Cable+ rippers early Tuesday morning
releases ]

[ T3/50GB+ site owners running unix ]

[ Rippers who can release before the
street date ]

[ Any persons who believe they can
benefit EGO ]

Come and visit EGO at #ego on

I bullshit you not, I'm listening to it right now,
and it's not too shabby, despite what the ripper
said. Sys-Admin, if your reading this....if you
want a copy of the new cd just e-mail me at and I'll hook you up with a got a great site.


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