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Re: Music's biggest joke!

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Posted By toto On Fri, Feb 11th At 1:56 AM
In Reply To: Music's biggest joke! Posted By Buster5mix On Mon, Jan 13th At 8:34 PM
And you are a joke on here. You obviously don't
know the first thing about how the voice works,
and seem to be one of those idiots who have to
have an opinion about things you don't know
anything about. Shania has chosen a style of
music that requires her using her voice the way
she does. Judd and Aguilera(how about going to
school to learn how to spell?) have basically ONE
vocal expression, Shania has many different ones,
something you would have noticed if you'd
listened to her before you made your stupid
statements. She could have done the same and more
as Aguilera if she'd chosen her kind of music,
but for Shania's type of music it would sound
completely wrong to use Aguilera's technique.
Another thing is that Shania writes everything
herself, as much as you have to try to point out
that it's her husband who's running the show. As
if you know anything about that, moron. These
other singer you refer to have a team who writes
their music. What is your problem, anyway? Are
you an ugly, jealous woman or a man with a small
dick? You obviously must have problems to have to
come out with such rubbish as you have on here.
Get back under your stone and stop wasting space
on here.


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