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Posted By Buster5mix On Mon, Jan 13th At 8:34 PM
In reference to "Shania" Twain, I just watched her
on the American Music Awards, and my question is,
who is the idiot who told her she could sing?
Her voice is weak and the effort she exerts to
get through a performance is painfully obvious.
Sure, she looks good, and with the right
technical mix, her recordings are okay, but her
live performances expose the blatent truth, she
has no real vocal talent. She obviously has
never had any formal training and she is a joke
to the music industry. Her vocal ability is no
comparison to the strong, relentless voices of
Wynona Judd and Christina Agulaira. Now these
ladies have true talent. Shania needs back to
what she is really all about, great makeup,
trashy clothes, a phony name and her record
producer husband. Without being married to him,
it is certain that she would have never been
given a recording contract.


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