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Posted By Emmitt Campbell On Fri, Jan 10th At 5:46 PM
Shirley and I have raised foster children in our
home for
yrs. spent everything we had, which is so very
little on the
needs of those who dispair, who are without. just
to pick a
kid up a McDonalds meal once in a while, Or take a
Kid or two to the game room and let them play.
God there are so many, so much to do. And I know
welfare has failed where the
children are concerned. It's so hard to put in a
picture where someone can see, or to make it
plain enough to where
someone will care.
Three weeks and finally this man and his wife can
move into
a one room apt. They can eat (the food stamp card
has came).
She can buy the medicine she has ceisures. And
ther is not any help for them until someone takes
them to the offices, buys their first
perscription, feeds them for a while , let's them
sleep on their couch. It's so hard, I don't
understand that some have so much to live on, and
there are so much to do. I know this '' NOT many
will do anything, not many beyond their own will
help at all, not many I've wittnessed it for 30
Help me.
Check Shirley and Me out.
See what we do and have done.
Support us .
You may not get any media praise , but you'll get
the prayers of My family to God for your soul.
We need your support.

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