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Posted By OUR KID On Thu, Aug 30th At 12:52 AM
Why do people don't give Bush their props. I mean
they're first two albums are awsome. after oasis
and the beatles, they're my favorite band. why?
especially you those in the uk... here in the us
they give them props but I think they are way
better than travis. travis...are just okay. I'
don't know maybe they said or did something to
their country that maybe people in the uk didn't
like and thats why they're not being praise. But
i think they are awsome.

did they do something to upset you mates?

  • BUSH - OUR KID Thu, Aug 30th At 12:52 AM (1)
    • Re: BUSH - Burnage Boy Thu, Aug 30th At 9:03 AM (0)

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