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my first radio head album!@#$%&*()

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Posted By OUR KID On Thu, Aug 30th At 12:05 AM
I bought the bends
and was listening to it, i mean at first the only
song i knew were high and dry and fake plastic
but i learn to like bones, nice dream and just i
guess i got my moneys worth...

but i don't know what the fuck people were
thinking when KID A went to number 1, i listened
to it at the record store and it was not that
great, with the exception of optimistik. I mean
if it was any other band like a new band, you
could almost say "one hit wonders".

But maybe i just don't know music...but anyhows i
guess they're okay(meaning radiohead) i'm know
gonna buy ok computer because "that album saved
rock", yeah right it's probably good but not to
that extent.

p.s. oh yeah i took the safe way just in case i
didn't like the album, i bought it "used" at the
wherehouse if you don't like it you can return it
and get another one.


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