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Posted By Burnage Boy On Thu, Aug 30th At 9:03 AM
In Reply To: BUSH Posted By OUR KID On Thu, Aug 30th At 12:52 AM
>Why do people don't give Bush their props. I mean
>they're first two albums are awsome. after oasis
>and the beatles, they're my favorite band. why?
> especially you those in the uk... here in the
>us they give them props but I think they are way
>better than travis. travis...are just okay. I'
>don't know maybe they said or did something to
>their country that maybe people in the uk didn't
>like and thats why they're not being praise.
> But i think they are awsome.
>did they do something to upset you mates?

Glycerine is a really good song

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