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Re: ah yes, good ol' chicago! me too!

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Posted By Andimerbob On Fri, Aug 24th At 4:41 PM
In Reply To: Re: ah yes, good ol' chicago! me too! Posted By magoo1516 On Fri, Aug 24th At 2:59 PM
>Ok, I actually live in Valparaiso, In, but we're
>part of "Chicagoland". Never been to the HOB
> >either.

Wow, and I thought I was the only fanatic
around...everyone at my school are either
whorshiping Linkin Park or ''s
creepy...have you heard of the MIX Music Playback
Payback? They play a song that's from some people
and the GOO GOO DOLLS are one of them, and you
call in, and if you're the right caller, you win
some cash...listen to goo and get money, sounds
like a deal to me!! lmao...well, are the
preps/posers unescapable at your end of Chicago,
Mad about Goo,


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