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ah yes, good ol' chicago!

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Posted By PattyGoo On Fri, Aug 24th At 1:48 PM
In Reply To: not southern cali, but....... Posted By Andimerbob On Fri, Aug 24th At 1:19 PM
>lmao...naw, Chicago...HOB is supposed to be
>really importent or something...I've always
>wanted to go...ahh Chicago, were the preps are
>inescapable and the pop is everywhere...lucky
>for me, I have my buddies with me most of the
>time...and my goo helps stop the
>progression of preppiness that pop causes...if
>it weren't for goo, I would have a lot of school
> spirit and glitter in me...creepy, huh? lmao...
>Mad about Goo,

Hey fellow chicagoan, me too? HOB is a great
place. I've been there a couple of times. I've
heard there are other Goo fans that live here
too. Imagine that? We are not alone. lol.


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