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Posted By Brian Weist On Sat, Oct 7th At 8:09 PM
In Reply To: garbage arent all that Posted By smoney On Thu, Apr 6th At 8:51 PM
>garbage arent even that good
>there are stax of other bands that are heaps
>better than garbage. their songs dont do well,
> the lyrics are crap and they arent good live.
>get over it limp bizkit nirvana pennywise and
> >smashing pumpkins are heaps better!!!!!!!!!!

Ah your such an asshole, why the fuck are you here
and I'll tell you this if it wasn't for the
drummer of the band Garbage which his name is
Butch vig then Nirvana would have never made it
and you know why because, Butch Vig produced
Nirvana's break through release "nevermind" so
your really criticizing Nirvana. Oh and Butch Vig
also helped produce Smashing Pumpkins break
through release "siames dream" so your also
criticzing the Smashing Pumpkins. So if Garbage
never would have made it as a band then Nirvana
wouldn't have ever been noticed and the Smashing
Pumpkins wouldn't have either and Butch Vig also
Remixed two songs for Korn and they are Freak on
a Leash (Freakin B mix) and he also remixed Make
me Bad. And Butch Vig is a drummer, a remixer for
bands, and a producer. I don't see Limp Bitchkits
Drummer doing this and Limp Bitchkit sucks they
only made it because, it sounds like homo rap or
as I like to call it Rape and they just repeated
the same thing over and over and they are in
style and they are just like the other bands
Garbage on the other hand isn't like every other
band they are actually unique and actually help
out other bands and Shirley Manson writes lyrics
about life not sex and drugs, Shirley Manson the
lead singer of Garbage actually wrote her lyrics
from being teased in school and it's assholes
like you that Shirley and her fans hate. At least
Garbage takes time to release their albums unlike
Limp Bitchkit, Limp Bitchkit releases one like
every six months and thats why they suck. It took
Garbage three years to follow up with their
second album Version 2.0. Oh and something else
both albums got a four star rating from rolling
stone which means both albums got a rating of
excelent, which is the second best rank for an
album. But did Nirvana"s album "bleach" do
good...NO!, Did Limp Bizkits first album do
well?...NO! and Did the Smashing Pumpkins first
album do well?...NO! GUESS WHO'S FIRST ALBUM DID
Garbage is better than those bands and I think
More people would know who Garbage is than
Pennywise and Shirley, Butch, Duke, and Steve had
a lot of experience with being in a band long
before Garbage was put together by accident or
default and Garbage wasn't it doing for the money
either thats why Garbage is a real band because,
they did it for the music not the money and they
even made their own sound by combining old
technology and new technology so ha!! And get the
Hell out of this web and don't bring your queer
ass back ever again because, if you do we'll all
type very rude and ignornat things about you!!!
FUCKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Oh and I'm 15
so who knows how old you are so you have just
been criticized by a 15 year old! Oh and Garbage
writes songs abou life not love, sex, or drugs.


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