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Posted By me,myself,and i On Tue, Jun 27th At 1:35 AM
In Reply To: garbage arent all that Posted By smoney On Thu, Apr 6th At 8:51 PM
>garbage arent even that good
>there are stax of other bands that are heaps
>better than garbage. their songs dont do well,
> the lyrics are crap and they arent good live.
>get over it limp bizkit nirvana pennywise and
> >smashing pumpkins are heaps better!!!!!!!!!!

Garbage is all that and more! if you don't like
them then why are you even in here?! Only
ignorant people like you would write something
like that anyway. Besides, Bands like Limp Bizkit
don't even know what the word talent is. have you
ever really heard them sing? NO!!!!! You haven't!
because they suck and can't. At least Garbage's
lyrics have a


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