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Posted By Marco polo On Mon, Apr 17th At 11:33 PM
In Reply To: garbage arent all that Posted By smoney On Thu, Apr 6th At 8:51 PM
>garbage arent even that good
>there are stax of other bands that are heaps
>better than garbage. their songs dont do well,
> the lyrics are crap and they arent good live.
>get over it limp bizkit nirvana pennywise and
> >smashing pumpkins are heaps better!!!!!!!!!!

I love the smashing pumpkins!!..going to

see them the 19th and the 22nd at two different

places!!! (ann arbor at hill auditorium,detroit

Michigan state fair grounds)...garbage is a good

band..yes they probable couldn't hold a candle

to SP or the other bands like limp bis,but I saw

them live and they were awsome! have a

to your opinion...just don't be a ass and spoil

everyones fun here...this board is for people to

discuss the band garbage and maybe some off
subject matter...just don't start flaming here

please.Thank you


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