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I added tons of new stuff to the site, news, discography and lyrics, plus new multimedia, and pictures.

Well today i added some news, changed the main page, and added a new banner so you can link us. And please remember to send in a review!

Well today i added news and we are getting a new colum writer hopefully, stay tuned. Oh yeah, i heard that Wayne is getting a hair cut for the new album.

I added this new layout to make everyone happy, and some news and wil be adding more shit soon. Stay tuned for the multimedia and the pictures.

static audio
Wisconsin Death Trip

  • Push It
  • I'm With Stupid
  • Bled For Days
  • Love Dump
  • I Am
  • Otsegolation
  • Stem
  • Sweat Of The Bud
  • Fix
  • Wisonsin Death Trip
  • The Trance Is The Motion
  • December

    Live and Rare Songs

  • soon

    end of audio
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